Sid Byers or Sinset is a 26 year old hip hop/ psychedelic artist from Northern Virginia.

Despite his minimal releases so far Sinset has been consistently recording hip hop records for the last 5 years. Prior to his venture into hip hop in adulthood he could be found gracing the stage as lead singer of NOVA local alternative band Open Attic. His first EP as Sinset “im all over the place” has garnered over 10,000 streams since it’s initial release. With its ethereal spacey sound there is much more on the way for this project.

He collaborates with the cutting edge engineer/ producer Presto, the bombastic producer named OZO, his younger brother and immensely talented rapper JADED, and has worked with a handful more local artists throughout the years. Ever since a young age Sinset has been immersed in music. His parents are conservatory school graduates and would often harmonize around the house which improved his ear to do the same. He was involved in multiple church choirs and even performed sparsely at church events with his family. Sinset Found his passion for hip hop by way of being exposed to The Roots, Kanye west, Common, and De la soul at a young age through his father/ uncles. From there he became dually inspired by more psychedelic/ alternative sounds such as RadioHead, Tame Impala, and Candy Claws. With all these inspirations in mind Sinset set forth in building the vault of wonky, trippy, and occasionally catchy records he sits on currently. We got to connect with Sinset & ask him a few questions about his come up so far!

Describe The Northern Virginia Music Scene

“The music scene here in NOVA is relatively quiet aside from a few break through artists in the past few years. It’s important to sinset to bring a wildcard factor to the music the area currently renders. With a lot of local people more closely following current trends in the game it’ll be all the easier to accomplish said goal.”

In 3 Words Describe Your Sound & Why You Would Choose Them

“I would say varied, quirky, and somber. I definitely make a point to try to run the gambit when it comes to beat selection/ vocal performance I never want to feel like I’ve made the same song twice. Quirky because I’m a very aloof goofy individual who likes to bring a gentle sense of humor to my lyrics. Somber because a good deal of my music is entrenched in themes of depression or dealing with devastating events.”

Who Are 3 Major Artists You Would Like To Collaborate With In The Future? Also Tell Us Some Goals You Have For This Year!

“I’ve always dreamed of having Kevin Parker of Tame Impala on a hook. I’d love to work with Father of awful records I’ve been a gigantic fan for years. I would be remised  if I didn’t mention Pharrell or for that matter anyone from that early 2000s era of hip hop out of Virginia. This year my goal is to release this series of 6 dual Singles to highlight the sporadic or as my first EP described “all over the place” nature of my work.”

What Are Some Things You Have Coming Up In The Near Future?

“In the near future my first Dual single   “Niche” will be released. I plan to release 5 more dual singles by the end of the year. Along with that my brother JADED and I have a collaborative duo that we call “Dontrip”. We will be releasing our first single as a duo over the course of the next few months. I’m also a featured artist on a couple of albums/ songs due relatively soon this year. This is the year I’m beginning to release a lot of music consistently after years of honing my sound and exploring the country. A lot of dope things on the way.”

If you would like to stay tapped in with Sinset be sure to check out his social media/music links linked below!

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