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Eli Preme: Young Trendsetter With Wealth On His Mind

Eli Einhorn, better known as Eli Preme is a young mogul known as the sneaker king. Becoming an entrepreneur was essential. He wanted to be his own boss and control the narrative of his life. As an entrepreneur he enjoys working the hours he chooses to work instead of working someone else’s schedule. He makes the rules. Eli began with one pair of sneakers and turned them into hundreds creating a business solely around sneakers and reselling. He takes pride in competing with others who do the same as him. What makes Eli different ? He competes with pricing and offers his clientele the most handsome price possible. Also he ships very quickly even if the client is out of state, he will overnight their order. Social media has played a vital role in his success. Instagram is his main source of marketing and it has worked for him as his brand continues to thrive. He has even landed celebrity clientele that only helps aid in his marketing and what’s better than a celebrity marketing a brand by word of mouth?

Eli Preme is only beginning as he is just reaching his prime. His influencer culture is diverse, but mainly consists of athletes, musicians and shoe connoisseurs. When he first saw this as a successful venture, he was laughed at. Now it’s a different story. Eli Preme enjoys what he does and since it is his passion he works as he sees necessary..which could mean overtime. It is what makes him happy and growing is in the forefront of his vision. Wealth motivates him. Wealth is essentially  and Eli seeks to obtain it through doing what he loves. As he continues to grow you can expect to see his name next to some key fashion icons and businesses. In the meantime go check out his brand.

Independent Clothing Line, K’harma has the First of its Kind Large Rope Hoodies!

Creator of K’harma :Top-Shelf Clothing Brand, Sherrita Jones has created a name for herself with her unbelievable talent and hard work. She is also quite known for having one of first large rope baggy hoodies!! Her innovative spirit to stay ahead of the urban wear curve With a plan to hype up her current eccentric line and place on as many famous influencers as possible, has her determined for wealth and greatness. This will ensure generational curses being broken, while leaving a legacy for her children. For these reasons, Miss Jones’s up and coming small business will also help to  improve the community, by adding more jobs to the urban community. Becoming a fan of K’harma will have you not only looking good, but feeling good by helping the community.

The designer and entrepreneur, is the true definition of self made. The Washington D.C. raised and Miami-based designer knows about humble beginnings. This is one of the reasons she is inspired and influenced by  such great business owners like, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce’ and others that came from the ground up to stardom. All by being hard working and consistent. With great inspiration from her father, who has his own rehab/remodel company, entrepreneurship is really all she has seen and knows.  Since finding  her calling in designing, Miss Jones “K’harma” has been featured in Movers Magazine, sold in Flying Solo of New York and landed her brand  in Miami Swimweek fashion show. (July 2021) Accomplishing all of this on her own, she can not wait to see where her designing will take her next.To never have to work a day in your life, you have to love what you are doing. Falling in love with fashion was second nature, but being a successful business owner and designer takes skills. She continues to build, work hard, and provide clients with quality clothes. Clothes they can feel good in and do good in. A clothing line one could one day compare to Gucci, Virgil Abloh’s line with Louis Vuitton and any major designer line. The probability is high of this because of her determination. Plus what goes around, certainly comes back around. Professionally speaking,Miss Jones has planted nothing but good seeds. K’harma is a  positive lifestyle clothing line promoting good deeds getting you good rewards. You can follow online and see in person how different, positive and versatile K’harma is. Miss Jones plans to continue to give opportunities to the community via modeling, marketing and management. Stay tuned and order you some good K’harma as soon as possible.

DJ JSO: Personality And Publicist From Philly

Jahleel “ DJ JSO “ Muhammad is a producer, on-air mixer/personality and publicist from Philadelphia, PA. Within his many talents, he has been very successful in scaling his show on the radio station WPPM 106.5 FM. His segment is called The Mic XM. “The Mic XM” was created to not only educate listeners and creatives, but to highlight the trials, tribulations and success of true catalyst to the culture. The former FM show consisted of a 2-hour segment dedicated to playing indie and emerging artist’s music as well as, new artists looking to be heard for the first time. The show can now be heard on Hit Nation Empire Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and accessible 24/7 via TuneIn app and IHeartRadio app via (The Mic XM). DJ JSO is more than just supportive of new talent and has already helped over a dozen artists establish & monetize their music career. Official playlists are used directly during live sessions via StationHead to help artists generate more fans who can directly stream their music and even save it to their library. He has had the honor of working with a ton of talented artists within the industry. 

Since his recent success of gaining syndication to the new Mega Platforms and an increase time and availability, DJ JSO say he is far from the pinnacles he plans to reach and his goal is to keep learning and growing. DJ JSO would like to start securing and closing deals with labels to give his clients more backing to support with production, distribution on indie projects. Marketing is also a major priority on his list. Growth opportunities lead to more success in giving his clients a wider range of audiences. The company’s goal is to mold superstar artists of their own and have them represent the brand. “The Mic” will be breaking artists into the industry in the coming years and already has a few hidden gems their confident will take the music world by storm. DJ JSO has learned to have strong faith, belief, consistency, and good character to keep him balanced when pursuing his dreams. There is no question that his brand will soon be a household name.

DJ JSO is a member of Coalition DJs Philadelphia chapter, a national Dj coalition built to service artists and create super stars; Coalition Djs (founded in ATL) is responsible for breaking dozens of stars such CJ Woopty, Blac youngsta, Icewear Vezzo, Kur, and many more. DJ JSO is also new assistant director of Hit Nation Empire and will be offering opportunities to podcast and YouTube creatives to host or syndicate their show on the network. DJ JSO couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with such an amazing team and continually expanding his brand, success has only begun!





Evanoskah founder of the millardo group (YOUNG INFLUENCER)

With how accessible the internet is today, would you believe me if I told you the number of people who go online every day is still increasing?

It is. In fact, “constant” internet usage among adults increased by 5% in just the last three years, according to Pew Research. And although we say it a lot, the way people shop and buy really has changed along with it — meaning offline marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be.

According to Forrester, companies will soon invest more than $140 billion per year on digital marketing. Companies continue to pour marketing budget into digital marketing because it offers a powerful and cost-effective way to promote your business to its target audience. This guide will dive deep into what exactly digital marketing is and all of the advantages it brings to marketers.

Digital marketing is the marketing and advertising of a business, person, product, or service using online channels, electronic devices, and digital technologies. A few examples of digital marketing include social mediaemailpay-per-click (PPC)search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Evanoskah founder of the millardo group in Dubai known on the networks as Evanoskah is a French influencer and entrepreneur. He works in digital marketing and great young talented enterpreneur in digital industry.

Traditional marketing uses offline channels, while digital marketing uses digital channels. A traditional marketing campaign, for example, may use billboards, print ads, and mailers, while a digital marketing campaign may use social media, blog posts, and email to promote a business and its offerings. In recent years, the line between “traditional marketing” and “digital marketing” has begun to blur as even traditional channels like billboards, TV ads, and direct mail have developed a digital component to them.

Great entrepreneur renowned  in the Middle East. He organized several big conferences where he brought together thousands of people from this community.

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Who Is PhotosByZo?

PhotosByZo is a Celebrity Photographer known for his work in the Hip-Hop community , where he’s continuing to make his mark. Zo began working & building relationships with lots of well known artist and producers as for Future , Key Glock , Icewear Vezzo , CEO Trayle , Zaytoven , Bandplay , Drumma Boy & more. Zo never grew up knowing he’ll be a photographer, actually he wanted to pursue sports when he was in High School. Luckily he was able to find his passion quick , realizing the opportunities he could come across by just picking up a camera.

After jumping into the photography world , Zo seen he needed a target audience so he could grow his brand. In which he soon found that his passion for music could be implemented into the photography business . Doing that Zo had decided to travel to Atlanta & go make a name for himself. During that time he would run into artist like VL Deck , Paper Lovee & Yung Mal who had helped assist Zo’s upcoming rise.

PhotosByZo had got invited to a video shoot with Future & Lil Baby for their hit song “Out the Mud”.

Zo had his shot at doing something special, which he did. Being able to photograph people like Future , Young Scooter , Guap Tarantino , Lil Baby , VL Deck , Fabo & more. The next day Zo had received some big news that Future had posted my picture on his Instagram page . He had around 13.M followers at the time so that really helped boost Zo notoriety and social media presents.

Once Zo got his start he never looked back & Shortly after, PhotosByZo name began to buzz more in the streets & on social media. Zo is still making moves and connecting with new & upcoming artist everyday . Now being able to develop a household name in the music industry , Zo’s been working with legendary producer Zaytoven co signing him as one of the best photographers in the game.


Artist ‘Maître Kenobi’ real name ‘Franck Kanga’ is a French music producer, artistic director, DJ, investor and entrepreneur born on March 11, 1989 in Ivry-sur-Seine; He is the director of Polymath record house. This talented rapper is full of ambition, creativity and knows his purpose and the goal he needs to reach. Many rappers today just want the fame and fortune so it’s hard to stay on track because of lack of direction; you have a tendency to stray off course. You have to have purpose and a goal in order to walk a straight line, because you are trying to attain something higher than just fame.

As being a music producer and their involvement varies from producer to producer. Essentially, they oversee all aspects of the creation of a song or album. The choice of song, choice of musicians, instruments, and vocalist(s) and how it all comes together. Even where the song is recorded can play a vital role in the finished product.

Like a director is to a film, the music producer is to a song. They have to be able to make split-second decisions and convey their vision of the final song to all those involved. This vision needs to be communicated to everyone (audio engineers, musicians, singers) in a manner that gets the best possible performance.

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‘Maître Kenobi’ is considered a breakout artist and music producer. His music and image stands out among the crowd that’s
grasping the attention of many. All I can say as a writer is that yesterday’s price is not today’s price so make sure you reach out to his because he is definitely making a
name for himself in the music industry.

IG: Franck Kanga (@maitre_kenobi) •

Blake Rocha: Super Influencer On The Rise

Blake Rocha is a California – based social media influencer who is rising considerably on a couple of notable social media platforms including Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and YouTube. He is a viral social media celebrity who has successfully earned a wide fan base through his tireless efforts over a span of eight months. He has accumulated over one million followers on Tik Tok while growing 100k plus on Instagram.

Besides his active social media presence, he is also the founder and CEO of Wiseguy Investing. Wiseguy Investing is dedicated to various business opportunities including Air B and Bs as investment properties, commercial real estate and cryptocurrencies. Rocha admits that he reached this point in life after taking the prerequisite steps in order for him to learn the nuances of being a successful businessman. He recants that his career as an entrepreneur began very early in his life. His favorite job growing up was when he served as the front desk attendant of Hub 101 was his favorite job because he got to meet and learn life – altering lessons from many great minds. But he also had to do jobs that he did not enjoy like selling cars at a used car dealership.

He stepped in his entrepreneurial career from an early age. By the time he was in 8th grade he was a part of a multi – level marketing company Vemma where his duties included the conduct of meetings for recruiting and training purposes. Blake Rocha had a very interesting childhood where he grew up with the kids of his neighborhood playing a number of games like football, marbles, nerf guns shooting, as well as jumping bikes and scooters on ramps.

Rocha credits his father as the source of his inspiration because of the way he spoke and interacted with people even though he worked in a prison he was still such a humble person. The qualities are exemplary for a growing teenager to witness because it shaped his world view and defined his treatment of people. For Rocha, his Spanish teacher Senora B. was another person who inspired him in his adolescent years. She always challenged him to be the best in class even though others made fun of him at the time for being shorter than his peers. These life experiences have been crucial for the development of Blake Rocha who is living a purposeful life that is inclined towards faith and knows the art of hard work – life balance well.

Eugene Campbell III being an “ENTERPRENEUR” with clothing brand ”dif-fer-ent”

1. Tell me about  your clothing brand? 

My clothing brand is called dif-fer-ent. The message is to inspire people to be themselves no matter what others think. I founded the brand in 2019 and since then it has grown larger. My brand is basketball so not only do I have apparel but I provide showcases and opportunities for players to play in leagues to showcase their talent and gain exposure.

2. How did you come up with your  business idea?3. What were you doing  before this, and is this your first business? 

I came up with the idea of starting my own brand because I know that with the knowledge and connections that I have in the basketball world that I can make a positive impact in the basketball community. Before starting my business I had just graduated college with my bachelors degree in psychology and it was the summer going into my graduate program that I decided that I wanted to start my own basketball brand that would represent me and my journey. This is my first business then shortly after is when I started walkamilenourshoes inc.

4;Did you operate your business from your ONLINE shop? What were the challenges and benefits to this strategy? 

I operated my business from a middleman at first that supplied my apparel then eventually I moved on to having an online storefront as the business grew. The challenges of having this business is not having a team when it comes to marketing advertising and distribution. I pretty much take care of everything on my own. The benefits is that I am able to multitask very well so I am able to manage the business pretty well but eventually I will need a solid team that I can trust. 

5.How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected? 

It has been great for me. I have learned so much from studying other business owners in the same avenue and applying my touch to their strategies to making my business excel the way it is.

6.What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start an online retail business? 

I would tell someone who wants to start a business to make sure that you have a plan and stick to it. Make sure that you are consistent with your content and be ready for a lot of failure because it comes with the process of success.

Thank you for taking the time to share your business expertise with us,

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LIFESCRAZY… So Bryce Boggs is making a difference:

Bryce Boggs, son of Gina and Troy Boggs, hails from Hyde Park, Massachusetts but is making an impact globally beyond the city of Boston. Bryce is a professional athlete and entrepreneur who started the streetwear brand called LIFESCRAZY. This company started from the inspiration of the crazy things happening in our lives today and the growth we experience in learning from them.

LIFESCRAZY came to fruition back in 2012, as he used it as his personal slogan and grew to become officially established in 2020. The company has spread from Boston, to Miami, to the United Kingdom and to the rest of the world and stands by the mantra: Live. Learn. Grow. 

LIFESCRAZY offers a wide variety of products including luxury quality shirts, hoodies, and hats. They also sell socks, phone cases and keychains. Many of LIFESCRAZY’s hottest items appeared on racks in stores such as DVSTY, The Release Room, and the renowned Sneak Peek Luxury in Downtown Miami, Florida. 

There have also been a number of high profile athletes, artists, and influencers who stand behind the LIFESCRAZY brand message. Some include NBA Coach Chris Brickley, Badara Traore of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Maurice Hurst of the San Francisco 49Ers, Terrance Mann of the Los Angeles Clippers, Chace, YNJAY & more. 

Alongside selling merchandise, the company has many other ventures. Byce believes in building up community, and that is something that he’s been involved in his whole life. LIFESCRAZY held the 1st annual Luxury Basketball Tournament last summer with a cash prize, as well as giving out free merchandise, food, music and great vibes. At this tournament, he also allowed other small businesses to vendor in order to get their name out there. Bryce looks forward to continuing the tradition of the Luxury Basketball Classic for years to come, highlighting bigger names and more brands each year.

Furthermore, LIFESCRAZY also has a subdivision called LIFESCRAZY ATHLETICS. What the brand is doing is taking full advantage of the new NCAA NIL rule and helping athletes get compensated for their efforts and hard work on and off the court.

Bryce has many plans for LIFESCRAZY but right now their main focus is to continue to make a major impact in the industry with their new collections and high quality merchandise. The brand is also planning on launching their own NFT collection which will spread the message to ‘Live, Learn, & Grow” and hopefully bridge other supporters, brands and creatives into Crypto and Web3.

In the future, Bryce sees LIFESCRAZY as one of the most successful small business stories ever. Bryce plans on making an impact with his brand to the masses. He plans on headlining in every industry such as music, movies, magazines, and even modern art. 

The sky’s the limit for Bryce and LIFESCRAZY! Live. Learn. Grow.



Jocelyn Docouto: Owner Of JaeSlayed Is a Walking Inspiration And Female Disruptor Within The Hair Industry

Jocelyn Docouto is the proud owner of JaeSlayed. Growing up in a small state gave her more of a drive to succeed and conquer the world. Her biggest dream was to be known throughout the hair industry. She first learned how to braid at the age of 11 and later at 13 worked in a barber shop. Coming from immigrant parents she had to work harder in all that she did. After being accepted into Boston University she left in search of an entrepreneurial alternative that fed her soul. After working from home as a kitchen beautician and starting Jaes Protective Styles she decided it was time to open up her own salon. Rhode Island’s state regulations are a bit rigorous. They require a license even though Jocelyn’s sole purpose for opening the shop was to cater to solely natural hair with over the counter solutions such as gel. 

Due to those regulations she could not run as the manager when launching the shop. She had to start the salon with a cosmetologist as the manager so that the salon could obtain a license. Nevertheless, after a well fought battle from 2015-2019 Jocelyn was soon able to deregulate the braiding of hair throughout the state officially in 2019. Since then Jocelyn has had JaeSlayed Studio located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and has been growing her brand ever since. Recently she has launched JaeSlayed Haircare Products which cater to women, men and children with natural hair. With so much misinformation and miseducation about hair she has set out to spread knowledge throughout her community. She has started by running workshops to teach those how to care for natural hair properly, especially those in the foster care system who may not have received any education about the subject. In 2015/2016 JaeSlayed gained its first NFL client, Patrick Chung. 

This was a huge accomplishment that helped to skyrocket her career. Her list of credits continue to expand and her name continues to grow and be heard all around many industries. Right now she is working on starting a podcast and continues being a prominent role model throughout her community. She states “Being a woman of color, first generation, college dropout, former welfare recipient, etc. I was “fated” to be a statistic. Through hard work, overcoming fears and obstacles, following goals up with strategic planning, and execution of said plans I was able to change the trajectory of my outcome in life. Jocelyn is innovative and a female disruptor who is breaking all barriers. If you are ever in Rhode Island make sure you visit JaeSlayed.

JaeSlayed Website