Born in 1994, DaKidRiz first appeared on the rap scene in 2014 when he published his first song on SoundCloud titled “Ohio.” The Canton native then released his first official single titled “I Ain’t Got No Choice” in 2015 as he continued to hone his skills as a hip-hop artist. His brand continues to expand networking with some of the highest figures within the industry DaKidRiz is definitely doing more than “Alright”. He has also linked with many reputable producers such as NK Tamillionaire Doe Skool, TayGlobal, MoneyMadex3 & McKean.

More recently he has been consistently keeping his fans pleased. He has been dropping hit after hit. His latest release being “Alright” is currently trending all over. This track is catchy and melodic. It draws anyone in who hears it. Once again DaKidRiz continues to deliver. It is currently being spun in clubs from Virginia Beach to Phoenix. This song will be everywhere before you know it so do yourself a favor and download it now. He is managed by CrazyYogi and Jabo if you ever are looking to book DaKidRiz !

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