Toronto songwriter, and rapper Trilla Banks i is ready to infiltrate the American music scene. Bringing a diverse sound to the music game, his talent is taking him places he never dreamed of. After releasing his best single to date titled “Spend It” last year, Banks is currently working on a full body of work for his fans and supporters that is set to be released later this year. I had a chance to chat with the rising Canadian rapper to discuss his plans for the future and why Toronto culture is important to him. Check it out below!

Trilla Banks Interview 

How has it been for you finding success in the American music scene with your latest single “Spend It”?

It has been steady. Some people love my music but for others it might not be their thing, which is fine. I enjoy whatever feedback I get, as I am trying to grow everyday in my artistry and creativity.   

Can we expect a follow up single to this release?

Yes, I have another single dropping any day now and am currently working on a full body of work to put out later this year.

How has the city of Toronto impacted you musically?

The city of Toronto has impacted me musically in a major way. Growing up in Toronto has made me love and appreciate different genres and worlds of music. Being able to see other artists make it out also gives me the drive to keep pushing and make a name for myself like Drake and The Weeknd.

Why was it important for you to show off your Toronto culture in the music video for “Spend It”?

Toronto is where I was born and raised. Without growing up here I would not be who I am. Without having the people around me to keep me solid, I wouldn’t be able to stay on point. I wanted to show all of that in my video and will continue to promote my culture in my future visuals.  

Following your recent Instagram live interview, how did it feel having your fans and friends supporting you openly?

It felt amazing. Having the support of my fans and friends means a lot to me. I am glad they push my releases however they can and hope they will do the same when I drop more material.

What is up next for Trilla Banks? 

More music and more content for the world. I can’t wait to share with everyone what I have been working on, especially the things I am working on in the states. 

How can readers stay in contact with you? 

They can follow me on instagram @trillabeezy as well as on my YouTube page that is Trilla Banks. 

Press play below to stream Trilla Banks “Spend It” single.

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