Tampa Mystic Industries Most Wanted Podcast has been a vital part of the music industry since its launch in 2012. It started as a mixtape series and has since expanded to include a podcast and artist showcase. Tampa Mystic Industries Most Wanted is known for shining a spotlight on independent artists, producers, DJs, and entrepreneurs. The brand is dedicated to giving upcoming talent the exposure they need to succeed.

The podcast is a crucial component of Tampa Mystic’s mission to support independent artists. With the podcast, Tampa Mystic has created a platform for artists to share their stories and their music with a wider audience. The podcast also serves as a resource for aspiring musicians, providing advice and insights on how to navigate the music industry. Overall, the podcast is a valuable tool for artists looking to build their careers.

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Tampa Mystic, the woman behind the brand, is a single mother who fell in love with the music industry. She has been working in the business for over a decade and got her start on the radio with Desert Storm Radio. Now, Tampa Mystic is on FM radio 7 days a week in Atlanta and offers PR services such as press releases and blogs. She also launched her Internet-based station, The Hype 87.3, during the pandemic.

Tampa Mystic’s platform can benefit artists in a variety of ways. By exposing artists to her audience, Tampa Mystic can help them gain new fans and followers. Additionally, by sharing their stories and music on the podcast, artists can connect with other musicians and industry professionals. Overall, Tampa Mystic Industries Most Wanted is a valuable resource for independent artists looking to take their careers to the next level

Tampa Mystic Most Industry Podcast


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