James Ward is a British Entrepreneur who is the founder of Compare Your Business Costs. He has made his website the UK’s No. 1 for helping people manage their business budget effectively and efficiently, comparing company expenses. He has worked with over 10,000 businesses through his firm belief and enthusiasm to save money by comparing costs for Business Internet, Phone Systems, Energy, Insurance, Finance, Commercial Waste, and many other services.

This passion for helping others through his work comes to Ward after he started his career   in the telecoms industry, where he observed how much their clients’ time and money is invested into obtaining a quotation; he also witnessed companies losing all of their income during this process. He cannot bear to see all of this, so to save people from this harsh reality, Ward created a firm where clients can obtain three top quotes instantaneously without any loss.

Ward makes this website UK’s top best through his most definitive personality traits, which are defined below.

  • Honesty

Honesty is essential in every business, and through professionalism, they may demonstrate their actual integrity. Ward understands the significance, thus he has designed his business model to be transparent, so that no matter which firm chooses to compare the cists on his useful website, no one will ever learn the name. Transparency is everything that counts since it allows each organization to submit their genuine worth and achieve favorable results.

  • Fun

Ward is the most fun-loving person you can meet. Whether in real life or a professional one, he never let go of making things enjoyable. He believes business owners and entrepreneurs should have time to have a life outsidework or business. Ward knows the importance of having hobbies, so he calls himself a “Horse Racing Enthusiast.” Ward found horse riding relaxing,which make his downtime entertaining. He also knows that putting your nose in every figurative grindstone is necessary, but he always makes time for his hobbies.

  • Compassion

Ward’s life before becoming a business owner has taught him many things. He knows that there are adverse outcomes when there is a lack of compassion, whether in professional or personal life. That is why he practices compassion to make a productive workforce, and that is why Ward recognizes and honors his employees as a leader. His understanding knows no bounds; through his company, he organized a fundraising event wherein, in the first official month, the firm raised over two grand thanks to contributions from staff members, clients, and brand followers.

According to James, when it comes to defining himself, he said, “I am an entrepreneurial family man who enjoys adrenalin, horse racing, and helping solve homelessness.”

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