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Introducing Pariz, Pariz is a American Artist that is the king of turn up”twerk king” 

He has teamed up with Atlanta’s Own Akbar V with their hot new Single “Diary” that just dropped and the world is taking it by storm. The hot duo is putting the flame to each and every city with this hot new Single. Chevel b, who is Pariz manager, both tried to figure out who would be the best for the single Diary and Chevel knew that she would be perfect for the track. So they came to the decision to put Akbar on the record and boom it’s fire. 

Pariz met Akbar in Baltimore for the very first time for a show and they clicked from there. At the show Pariz and Akbar controlled the crowd as they were reciting the lyrics to “DIARY” as the beat shocked the room. Paris’s fashion jacket was also something to admire as fashion is what makes certain artist stand out even more. No one had the type of style that turned you into a fan the way he can. Pariz and his manager Vel were at it promoting the record on radio stations all over the DMV. With consistent marketing Vel plans on making Pariz his number one star on the front stage and front page. Stay tuned to more of Paris’s singles and shows on his Instagram @Parizm0702. And hit up his manager @Velly.made.it for bookings and more.

Cardano Hydra : What is it about? Could it at any point bring the cost change?

Cardano (ADA) is presently the seventh-biggest crypto resource by market capitalisation, esteemed at US$36 billion (AU$48 billion). Amazing as it might appear, its cost is as yet 70% lower than its unequaled high of US$3.10 (AU$4.1) arrived at seven months prior.

Since its send off in 2017, ADA has made intense guarantees yet has been delayed to satisfy them. With the much-anticipated Alonzo update, they pushed to coordinate savvy contracts into the organization last year. With all set up, Cardano was ready to become one of the market’s top-driving Defi chains.

Be that as it may, the inverse happened. Reception was by and large sluggish, and the absolute worth locked (TVL) in ADA’s savvy contracts neglected to develop at the anticipated rate. Consolidating this with the market’s in general descending propensity, seeing a stunning decrease in its price is clear.

Notwithstanding a couple of long periods of battles, ADA is currently flourishing with a lively local area, and understandably. As per Santiment, Cardano is as of now one of the most dynamic crypto projects on GitHub. This shows that designers are effectively attempting to better the organization’s innovation. Hydra, a layer 2 scaling arrangement, is one of their essential endeavors.

Adaptability is quite possibly the most basic issue looked by the crypto area. As additional people enter the space, the interest for exchanges increments, bringing about out of this world gas charges. A blockchain network has a limit on the quantity of exchanges fit inside a solitary square, prompting the restricted exchanges each second (TPS) that can be dealt with.

A layer 2 arrangement assists exchanges with being collected, orchestrated off-bind and presented on the mainnet. Consequently, gas charges are spread among many exchanges, increasing the quantity of TPS handled by a blockchain.

Fundamentally, Hydra will speed up and lessen the expense of Cardano and its entire Defi biological system. However still being worked on, it is gaining huge headway. Since last week, the Hydra convention has been effectively working on Cardano’s testnet.

One more certain thing to note is the rising TVL. Since February, the absolute worth locked behind the Cardano project has significantly increased, hitting over US$300 million (AU$400 million) yesterday. This suggests that capital is being immersed Cardano’s decentralized frameworks. The Minswap DEX is presently the top-driving dApp, representing 61% of the TVL.

Cardano is by all accounts picking up speed in the Defi region. In the event that the environment keeps on prospering, individuals will rapidly distinguish it as a practical choice, and the interest will increment. Fortunately the group is thinking long haul and has previously started to set up the organization for boundless arrangement.

Independent Clothing Line, K’harma has the First of its Kind Large Rope Hoodies!

Creator of K’harma :Top-Shelf Clothing Brand, Sherrita Jones has created a name for herself with her unbelievable talent and hard work. She is also quite known for having one of first large rope baggy hoodies!! Her innovative spirit to stay ahead of the urban wear curve With a plan to hype up her current eccentric line and place on as many famous influencers as possible, has her determined for wealth and greatness. This will ensure generational curses being broken, while leaving a legacy for her children. For these reasons, Miss Jones’s up and coming small business will also help to  improve the community, by adding more jobs to the urban community. Becoming a fan of K’harma will have you not only looking good, but feeling good by helping the community.

The designer and entrepreneur, is the true definition of self made. The Washington D.C. raised and Miami-based designer knows about humble beginnings. This is one of the reasons she is inspired and influenced by  such great business owners like, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce’ and others that came from the ground up to stardom. All by being hard working and consistent. With great inspiration from her father, who has his own rehab/remodel company, entrepreneurship is really all she has seen and knows.  Since finding  her calling in designing, Miss Jones “K’harma” has been featured in Movers Magazine, sold in Flying Solo of New York and landed her brand  in Miami Swimweek fashion show. (July 2021) Accomplishing all of this on her own, she can not wait to see where her designing will take her next.To never have to work a day in your life, you have to love what you are doing. Falling in love with fashion was second nature, but being a successful business owner and designer takes skills. She continues to build, work hard, and provide clients with quality clothes. Clothes they can feel good in and do good in. A clothing line one could one day compare to Gucci, Virgil Abloh’s line with Louis Vuitton and any major designer line. The probability is high of this because of her determination. Plus what goes around, certainly comes back around. Professionally speaking,Miss Jones has planted nothing but good seeds. K’harma is a  positive lifestyle clothing line promoting good deeds getting you good rewards. You can follow online and see in person how different, positive and versatile K’harma is. Miss Jones plans to continue to give opportunities to the community via modeling, marketing and management. Stay tuned and order you some good K’harma as soon as possible.

DJ JSO: Personality And Publicist From Philly

Jahleel “ DJ JSO “ Muhammad is a producer, on-air mixer/personality and publicist from Philadelphia, PA. Within his many talents, he has been very successful in scaling his show on the radio station WPPM 106.5 FM. His segment is called The Mic XM. “The Mic XM” was created to not only educate listeners and creatives, but to highlight the trials, tribulations and success of true catalyst to the culture. The former FM show consisted of a 2-hour segment dedicated to playing indie and emerging artist’s music as well as, new artists looking to be heard for the first time. The show can now be heard on Hit Nation Empire Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and accessible 24/7 via TuneIn app and IHeartRadio app via (The Mic XM). DJ JSO is more than just supportive of new talent and has already helped over a dozen artists establish & monetize their music career. Official playlists are used directly during live sessions via StationHead to help artists generate more fans who can directly stream their music and even save it to their library. He has had the honor of working with a ton of talented artists within the industry. 

Since his recent success of gaining syndication to the new Mega Platforms and an increase time and availability, DJ JSO say he is far from the pinnacles he plans to reach and his goal is to keep learning and growing. DJ JSO would like to start securing and closing deals with labels to give his clients more backing to support with production, distribution on indie projects. Marketing is also a major priority on his list. Growth opportunities lead to more success in giving his clients a wider range of audiences. The company’s goal is to mold superstar artists of their own and have them represent the brand. “The Mic” will be breaking artists into the industry in the coming years and already has a few hidden gems their confident will take the music world by storm. DJ JSO has learned to have strong faith, belief, consistency, and good character to keep him balanced when pursuing his dreams. There is no question that his brand will soon be a household name.

DJ JSO is a member of Coalition DJs Philadelphia chapter, a national Dj coalition built to service artists and create super stars; Coalition Djs (founded in ATL) is responsible for breaking dozens of stars such CJ Woopty, Blac youngsta, Icewear Vezzo, Kur, and many more. DJ JSO is also new assistant director of Hit Nation Empire and will be offering opportunities to podcast and YouTube creatives to host or syndicate their show on the network. DJ JSO couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with such an amazing team and continually expanding his brand, success has only begun!


Website: https://www.themic.live/

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC2hLobcDU5S4FyowqwOSbqA

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0lng3GuX6wlIyqYtmrHxka?si=opLAauKFSAyBuX3cuf3lwg

Tampa Artist, Corey Preston’s Baby Hendrixx Video is out of this World!

No matter who you are you want to be in the “cut” counting cash. With his new single “Baby Hendrixx” puts you in that mood to be free, get money, live life and look good doing it. For every listener of the 2022 single, he is sure to gain a new fan. Based off his track record the emcee, will continue on his unique music approach. His sound is not what you would expect, so tap into Corey’s network now. Get acquainted and bring a different sound to your playlists.

Corey Preston is a R&B singer coming out of Tampa Florida. He is not your typical R&B singer. Corey’s sound is very versatile and raw. Corey was born April 27th in El Paso Texas. He was raised in Pontiac Michigan till he was 12. He moved to Tampa Florida at age 13. Corey fell in love with music very young. He began since in a church choir and entering talent shows. Corey started recording music when he was 15. He released his first mixtape his senior year in Highschool in 2015. He been releasing music consistently ever since. 

Corey Preston Recently Released A Mixtape Crape Dream On January 7, Followed By Another Mixtape Releasing May 20th – Should’ve Had Me As A Feature Vol 1. Right Now Corey Preston Jus Released A Video A Today –  Baby Hendrixx. Can Find Him On All Platforms And Social Media. 

@DjXquzit, the Last of the Feel Good Music Creators left?

Remember the days when music made you feel good. Like want to go hug a stranger, to share a little love, good. When music left a positive impression on you. Not to say music now a days isn’t good. However, there is a huge difference in the earlier music created and music created now a days! Dj Xquzit intends to bridge the gap between the two worlds. It is time for todays’ generation to experience art in a feel good form versus so much “Gang, Gang and Bang, Bang.” Nothing wrong with people expressing what they see in their neighborhoods. However, we all could benefit from more feel good music.

Spitting from the lifestyle he lives and the circumstances of his experiences, Xquzit manages to paint a story through his beats like none other. His artistic goal is to put you right inside his lyrical situation. Also, to uplift and motivate his fans. His infectious flow on the tracks he’s released just hit on another level. Even though Xquzit makes universal music to inspire, his target audience are the ladies. Not to many emcees strive to exhilarate women both mentally and physically! The highs, the lows and just all around great vibe music, Xquzit creates from scratch. From producing the beat. To laying down the vocals. Xquzit’s sound will have you stuck. Music you have to experience for self. You can currently find his music on all streaming platforms, Youtube: Xquzit , Spotify: Xquzit , Apple Music Xquzit   and more!

Follow on Instagram : http://www.Instagram.com/djxquzit

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2Ek9zbd5hSgAlB5LupaDJK?si=b3587221141c4855

Ro: A Man With Many Talents Who Is Ready To Break Out In The Entertainment Industry

Ro is an on the rise recording artist and producer from Brooklyn, New York. His passion for creating piqued in the early 2000s. Around this time he was just beginning to create beats and began rapping while being featured on his sisters Keisha n Kellie’s records. His career in the scene began as a hype man, show producer and assistant manager. He wore many hats and assisted his sisters in their career. His sisters are both now in Los Angeles. The sisters appeared on showtime at the Apollo and were even reached out to by the notorious label Bad Boy, but they kindly passed on that opportunity. Keisha n Kellie have seen much success and now it’s time for Ro to focus on his. Not only does Ro create music, he is also an amazing actor. He has been an extra in hit movies such as “ATL” and “Stomp The Yard”.

Before the Covid 19 pandemic hit the nation Ro was picking up many gigs including being featured in music videos for major artists such as Coheed and Cambria, Hood Celebrity, Fetty Wap and Tory Lanez. He also did other work for film such as a Google Photos ad for SnapChar, print for Axe, Digicel among others. His portfolio is immaculate. The main focus now is music and getting his latest single “Open Safe” heard . Make sure you check out the latest record from Ro and stay tuned as he is set to release visuals in the near future.

Young Mistro : Bringing Some Therapy To All Hearts Across The World

Young Mistro is an on the rise recording artist and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, NYC . His clothing like/group and also label is called True Wisdom Only Manifest Greatness (TWOMG) for short. His brand message is amazing and connects with all on a positive level. “Heart Therapy” stands for “Any Broken Heart Can Be Healed“. His recent mixtape is also titled “Heart Therapy” which was released 11/11/21. The tape features tracks such as Up, Dangerous & No EZN Up. The records Young Mistro create relates to all audiences. Young Mistro seeks to inspire through whatever he creates.

During the pandemic a ton of entrepreneurs and dream chasers were born including Young Mistro. During this time he decided to take his craft more seriously and invest in what he enjoys. Creating was his way out. The goal with his brand “Heart Therapy” is to go against comparisons and focus solely on self healing, focus and building. His mission is clear and one that is needed in such a dark industry. One of his top records is soon to be released titled “ Million Dollar Baby”. He has a visual done that was shot in LA on the way as well. This video was shot by Omnien whose major set credits include Big Sean, Sada Baby, Chanel Westcoast and more.

Currently he is working on new content while finishing final touches for his new record “Million Dollar Baby”. This record will be the main record for his next mixtape “Heart Therapy Deluxe”. Be sure to stay tuned for the release and check out his catalog in the meantime. Get familiar with Young Mistro.

Bigg KC Official: Rising Star From Florida

Bigg KC Official is a rising recording artist from Florida who seeks to merely bring authenticity back into the game. Her mission is not fame, but to speak knowledge that will resonate and relate with others. Her biggest dream is to “move, inspire and impact people’s lives and moods” on a global scale. According to the singles and videos she is dropping, that dream is being boldly tracked one musically imprinted step at a time. Indeed, her smile and charisma breaks down walls and creates space for others to be heard while they are yet listening to her fire. Humble but fierce, her resilient strength comes from within, but her external support comes in other forms” she states.

Bigg Kc Official has always been ready for the music industry. Her first public performance was in Tampa, Florida which helped her gain some traction years ago. The crowd loved her. Watch her audience continue to grow. In the meantime check out her music catalog and get familiar with her brand. You can expect her EP “Wild Child” to drop mid summer 2022.

Draco Andretti: Ready To Break Out As The Industries Next Best Thing

Draco Andretti  is a self made on the rise musician from California, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. While in high school he grew an interest in the music industry. He was actually close friends with well known artist Dizzy Wright who helped fuel his passion. Draco Andretti first started creating by mixing tracks as a DJ/Producer and eventually ended up falling victim to the streets after having his child.

It wasn’t long before he had to do other street activities to put food on the table, which lead to doing time eventually. When he was released he went to the art institute for media arts music production and video production. Since attending this school it taught him to cut out the middle man and create all on his own. He embodied becoming a one man band. This year is about rebranding himself and making a presence for himself. This year he will release a new album titled “Sin City Hot Boy”, but for now he is focused on releasing consistent singles. Make sure you check out his work. You will not be disappointed.