Haitian-American rapper, Demione Louis has confirmed that he has new, “very personal” music on the way. His upcoming album will follow on the heels of Demione’s 2022 album “Vibes.” Not much else is known about the project other than the possible collaboration with producers Ruhan (BIGGREZ), and Mini Producer. Demione’s most recent album Vibes (released by Estabrook Road Records) has surpassed 1.2 Million Streams on Spotify. He has already enjoyed an impressive 2022, which means he is predicted to make an even bigger mark in 2023.

Demione’s musical journey starts where most Black music originates – the church. Serving as one of his first inspirations to start writing music, traces of gospel can be found throughout his soul-bearing brand of hip-hop. 

Most of his work to date is inspired by lived experiences, the byproduct of poverty, and being forced to live a thousand different lives in order to survive. The result is music that resounds like a confessional, a roadmap of an artist’s soul that is equal parts heartbreaking and optimistic all while keeping God first.

With the help of his artist developer and music engineer Jastin Artis, and the team at Artis Studios, they are going to look at techniques involving building up a catalog of music, collaborating with artists & music producers, and developing a music release strategy for upcoming music.

They will examine methods for producing a music catalogue, working with artists and music producers, and creating a release strategy for new songs with the assistance of his artist developer and music engineer Jastin Artis and the crew at Artis Studios.

Website: http://www.demionelouis.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/DemioneLouis

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/louis.demione

Estabrook Road Records: https://estabrookroad.com/Artis Studios: https://jastinartis.com/home

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