Bonita Jalane: The Talented songbird and RnB/Soul Sensation 

In this exclusive article, you’ll find more information about the soulful R&B songstress “Bonita Jalane”, as we unpack her previous works along with the current and the upcoming project including her latest single release to date, “Somebody”.

Bonita Jalane is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, and has lived in Atlanta for more than eight years now. She has a sweet voice many people would relish to listen to for years. 

Like everything else, getting somewhere is a process. While Bonita has worked a lot to groom herself as an artist, she opted to link up with her mentor in Atlanta, who helped her become a more seasoned artist. She’s previously been published on multiple collaborations with Hip Hop group DIPSET blessing the group with amazing hooks and more. Besides doing R&B and soul music, she is a TV host of the popular show R&B live, premiering on Comcast at midnight on Channel 26 every Friday in Georgia. 

Bonita is a hardworking independent artist who understands that to become popular across audiences, you have to send the word out there about yourself. It’s been a hell of a ride, and even still she is doing an amazing job breaking down doors and expanding her brand to a global audience and in deed she is growing more day by day.

The project titled “Introducing Bonita Jalane, ” in 2019, was an excellent way of getting people to know and interact with her. 

As with anything, nothing comes easy you have to fight, fall and get back up. It’s the one of many statements highlighting Bonita’s journey as she introduces herself to the world. Bonita confesses that she’s felt the heat of growth in her journey and sometimes hitting rock bottom. Perhaps she enjoys most because regardless of the twisted journey, she manages to get back to the work and again collaborate with top artists in the industry. She has learned many but critical lessons which have been instrumental in shaping her music career. 

During her journey, she’s worked with top talents, including Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Lil MO, Fantasia, Damien Escobar, and many more. Amidst Bonita’s challenges, she secured a job to pay for her music, lifestyle, studio, travels, shows, and more. 

To mention one of her greatest highlights is her two-year in a row famed open tour for Emmy Award Winner Damien Escobar. Even more, it was incredible for Bonita to open for sold-out shows in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New York. Most importantly, Bonita has hosted legends such as Tracy Spencer, Terry Lewis, the Rude Boys, and newcomers Tiffany Evans and Dondria. 

“SOMEBODY” is Bonita’s new hit single making huge waves across multiple music streaming platforms, including Boom Play Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more. 

The song was released in August 2021. She wrote the song herself, and Stef Raymond produced it, while Stankonia Studios handled the recording. Perhaps the one thing that provided a greenlight of how great her music will be is the high-end styling and makeup. Her sweet voice and lyrics are something out of the ordinary. 

Bonita has done other amazing songs, including Retro, Social, Dear John, Stand up, Situations, and more. New projects that she’s working on would include a song titled “Unfollow” and others that are set to drop sometime in the year 2022.

Bonita is stepping forward on the scene as the Queen she is. Her name is becoming amongst the first that many people would see when searching for top R&B and soul music. 

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