LM: What and who inspired you to pursue being a deejay?

DJ Kurupt: My love for sound is what first drew me into wanting to become and pursue a career as a DJ. That is what inspired and helped me on my way with this movement.  What intrigues me are all the possibilities of what one sound can do when you combine it with other sounds, sort of like colors and coloring, its exactly how pictures are created.  Depending on how something makes me feel, is where my creation stems from. You can get one big awesome sound, song or music, or you can get no sound at all like silence depending on how something or even someone makes me feel. (laughs) 

Just knowing that sound and the way it’s put together and presented can make a person happy is amazing to me. Being a DJ and Producer grants me the ability to use my inspiration while indulging myself in music. 

LM: How did you get the name “The Mixtape Hero”?

DJ Kurupt: First off, as many may know the name DJ Kurupt evolved from my musical journey over the years and being motivated to produce good quality shows and live event performances. It was me being determined to stand out and create great memories for my audiences. The alias has always been a thing for me to accompany the name and my drive to create moments such as “Kurupt Springer”, moments after it went to Kuruptradamas then to King Kurupt which had also became the title of the  mixtape tour that we (me and my team) assembled back in 2005,  I would notice while on tour that people all across the world were really listening and playing the mixtapes that I’ve created over time. As I touched hands with so many supportive listeners, I was also creating an amazing fanbase, so then it came to me that I was playing the role of a hero to many, Hence the “The Mixtape Hero” my next alias was born. The idea came to me one day, I just put it in motion, and it was accepted pretty well by the people, so I am still moving forward with it as we speak.

LM: How many years of experience do you have?

DJ Kurupt: Wow, years of experience… For me in the DJ world it has to be well over 20 years. As I think back to the awards and accomplishments, the lessons, downfalls and the comebacks, I appreciate it all as I know and understand that it all builds wisdom and character, so yeah well over 20 years of experience.

LM: Are you a part of any DJ coalitions?

DJ Kurupt: Honestly, there are many coalitions and I respect and rock with them all. I support ALL DJ’s and all DJ teams. Fleet DJ’s, Core DJ’s, Coalition DJs, Nerve DJs and others. Some may know that there once was a time when a couple of good friends and myself, had grouped together a coalition of DJ’s as well, which was called “Team Jedi”, all of the DJ’s that were a part of it are doing amazing out there and it’s all growing.

LM: Being a DJ, what are some of the trials and tribulations that you have to face breaking into the music industry?

DJ Kurupt: Breaking into the industry as a DJ there are always going to be trials, most DJ’s that I know personally have gone through trials and tribulations even myself, I have had many. Any time you attempt to apply your skill or passion, for example: you may want to be a DJ on the radio.  Well you will face trials for that and having to prove yourself to the PD or MD whichever the case. 

I can honestly say that no matter how many times they tell you no, remember that there is someone else out there just sitting and waiting to get a hold of your applications, so do not ever give up! 

There were always challenges for me, DJ’s and their fear of a new DJ coming into a venue that may have been their weekly nightclub spot and maybe taking their spot as the new house DJ… yeah that was a thing and still is. Thankfully it always worked out because, hey man in every industry there is always a next thing to do and to work at so, DJ’s always remember that. There is always the next thing to get into, do not hold on to the short-term mindsets, always think big and go hard for your goals.

LM: When and how did you finally get your first break in getting recognized?

DJ Kurupt: I’d have to say was when a longtime friend by the name of Ricky McKenzie listened to a mixtape that I had created in my then apartment just juggling some music,  blending a few songs here and there, but it was the creative parts that I’d add to the transitions that made that mixtape really stand out. 

After he recognized my blending skill and consistency, I was able to connect with him and started to rock a few parties here and there. Then with the parties and the mixtapes circling the city, the name DJ Kurupt started to catch on in many other places and cities, it was in that moment that we’d all realized it was all going according to plan, as record companies, radio stations and even clothing companies were requesting for me to wear their brands apparel, rock their parties and events worldwide.   

LM: What other DJ’s are you influenced by?

DJ Kurupt: That’s a huge list as well. Let’s start with The late great Love Bug Starski, I was really inspired by him and his ability to rock and control a crowd by just using his voice alone, that taught me that it’s not always what you say but how you say while still keeping the crowd engaged. R.I.P. Love Bug Starski. Then there’s DJ Mars, another amazing and influential DJ, DJ Ron G, DJ DooWop, DJ B-Lord, DJ Drama, DJ Clue, and even up and coming DJs like DJ Prince from up north in the 413-area code, inspiring by example: his sheer desire to keep the crowds engaged while creating happy moments through music.   

LM: What is your definition of someone calling themselves a DJ?

DJ Kurupt: I have most definitely made this statement time and time again.   I feel like being called a DJ, you must have basic knowledge (ex) knowing how to control the crowd, playing the proper music and being able to read the room.  

Another example would be: If there’s an opening DJ at one of your events it really should not matter what that DJ plays whether it’s all of the new hits, you might think that you cannot or do not want to replay them again, you actually can.  It’s the vibe that you bring that makes all the difference and as a DJ this is what you must know. 

As well as being able to transition from a club to rocking on the radio which is completely different. The ability to host small or large crowds while still having an impact. 

LM: What type of DJ are you? For example, Club, Special Events etc.

DJ Kurupt:  I am a multi-faceted DJ. From playing private parties, to clubs to large venues and arenas, radio stations as well as producing amazing mix tapes like a mixtape hero should.  This all comes back to my earlier statement, “Keep the people happy and engaged”. I have done a lot as a DJ and plan on continuing this journey. I view myself as a complete DJ encompassed in one package.    

LM: Being a DJ, explain how you should keep a crowd into not getting bored?

DJ Kurupt: To keep a crowd happy and engaged at events you must really read the crowd and I know there’s a saying that you cannot make everybody happy which still could be true, however it’s the attempts that make it all work out. 

Talk directly to the crowd, get them locked into your focus. Example, let’s say that you see a lady in the club and she has on a red dress, it seems that she’s not having much of fun at all, well guess what it’s time to help her change that mode like asap, so call her out live on the mic like “hey lady in the red dress”, “I see you out there what’s up what’s going on are you not entertained?” (make it entertaining while she knows the crowd has their eye on her) “Oh let me guess the guys aren’t making you feel sexy enough like you are, well let me tell you something” (music)  What y’all know about a supermodel, fresh outta Elle Magazine, buy her own bottles… Usher – Bad Girl. Now look, she’s all turnt up. 

I personally use the music and my voice to keep the crowds locked in and engaged. You get the picture. 

LM: What’s next for you? What can everyone look forward to?

DJ Kurupt:  I want everyone to really keep an ear and eye out for me producing and releasing music as it’s what I am currently focused on right now. I’m also releasing a couple of books that I’ve written. 

LM: Within the next 3yrs, where do you envision DJ Kurupt in your career?

DJ Kurupt: In the next three years I’d love to have had my studio built and have my foot deeper in Real Estate.

LM: How can an artist get music to you?

DJ Kurupt: The best way for artists to get their music to me is by visiting and subscribing to www.DJKuruptMixtapes.com they will be able to send music requests and even request blog placements on the site. Not only me, but the world, our site visitors and subscribers all would have the opportunity to check them out as well.

LM: Finally, is there anything else that you want everyone to know about you?

DJ Kurupt:  The Mixtape Hero EP is currently in progress. 

Stay tuned. www.TheMixtapeHero.Club

Thank you, Limitless Magazine.

Article by Ang Angama



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