Rising superstar Phoenix Jakob has officially released his highly anticipated debut EP titled Silly Girls. As a brilliantly-gifted creative, he excels at expressing life-experiences through music and different forms of art. You will get a mixture of raw emotions, honesty and deep song writing on this project as Jakob showcases a different side to his creativity.

Jakob’s music inspiration draws from a plethora of genres like Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, Alternative, Classical – to name a few. With such eclectic taste in music, Jakob has delved into co-producing and writing Silly Girls, making it truly a one of a kind body of work.

Within 5 songs, Jakob serves up some impressive sides of vulnerability, & honesty over R&B driven melodies. His vocal range and riffs can even be compared to Chris Brown’s listening to the opening track “Can’t Wait”. Each record from beginning to finish weaves in and out of each other in musical harmony, like a French braid. You don’t even have to hit skip on Silly Girls as it is truly a masterpiece of work.

As Phoenix Jakob continues to rise up in the ranks as a powerhouse recording artist, there will definitely be more left to uncover about who he is as a true artist and what he has planned for us next! For now, be sure to give him a listen and stream his brand new Silly Girls debut EP.

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