Nico “Goldi3” grew up in Downtown Buffalo New York raised by his mom and aunt. He grew up an athlete but quickly detoured to the streets. He was shot in his arm, at 14-15 years old small surgery was required but he bounced back quickly. Nico (Goldi3) was in the streets most of his life but fell in love with his music at about 16 years old. He is 28 now and has worked constantly to master his craft through all his trials and tribulations over the years, including the death of our close friends and the long prison terms realized by our close friends. After years of turbulence, he has finally put it all together for his first project, “Remain Humble”

The title is a reminder to myself to remain humble as I am entering a game of brashness, also to let any MC listening know to remain humble if their shit ain’t hot like mines. The project was aimed at showing his versatility. He can do a lot. He can really rap, but he can also make catchy hooks and hold a medley, so we wanted to walk you through everything.It is a mixtape but we did it in album form to show and prove his music is professional and radio-ready. We wanted to give you a full project, so you get a little of everything from the hard imposing intro, to the wave “Approach Me” brings. The whole album is solid throughout with no drop-offs. He is already working on the next project while the team focuses on promo for the current project.

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