DIY bedroom artist turned viral sensation Kieran Ivy has built a devoted audience through his ingenuity and self-taught approach. The psych-pop singer-songwriter, who grew up in a small English village just outside Nottingham, brings a playful edge to his work, knowing and winking in its whimsy. Ivy’s success has been achieved through his dedication and passion to his production and songwriting. Ivy grew up with a creative edge, perfecting his craft and building on the passion he grew up with in music. His effortless sounds and style have made him one of indie pop’s most exciting new artists, demanding for a shifting energy to make rock music pop again.

UK-based Psych-pop newcomer Kiernan Ivy dropped his electrifying new single, “Lightning” via 10K Projects. Get it HERE.

Following the resounding success of his recent track “Evidence” the Nottingham based DIY artist is back with the emotional track, “Lightning” taking the listener on a sonic journey through the euphoria of newfound love, combining alt-rock production with a blend of psychedelic and grungy undertones in the drums and bass. This unique musical concoction paints a vivid picture of that initial spark when two hearts first collide, creating an unforgettable moment. It’s a celebration of the thrill of discovery and the enchanting excitement of falling head over heels, reminding us that love’s lightning strikes can be the most unforgettable moments of all.

With soul-stirring lyrics and a melody that will have you swaying to the rhythm, “Lightning” is a testament to the power of music in conveying the intense emotions that come with love. Produced in collaboration with Internet Money’s Vendr and Alec Wigdahl, the track Is inspired by the sounds of psychrock and 00s pop-rock.



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