Fifth Single Land Ahead Of Krosst Out’s Third Album, I Had A Dream I Didn’t Have Eyes-due Nov 24th

Alternative Artist Krosst Out teams up with New Retro artist Melotika to make it clear for everyone that you could never understand

The fifth single amongst a slew this year, Krosst Out is not slowing down ahead of 3rd studio release I Had A Dream I Didn’t Have Eyes.

Krosst Out leads us on a sonic journey describing the life he’s chosen for himself with twist at the end. Melotika carries us through the chorus with haunting vocals adding the perfect balance to Krosst Out’s vocals.

“Phone Calls With Ghosts was a much more somber and depressive album, this one takes on another side. I was really angry and fed up with the state of the world, the current music and political climate. Music is expression and I had a lot I needed to say.”

Coming out of 2020’s sophomore album Phone Calls With Ghost which is a dark, personal, and raw project, Krosst Out went on to release a slew of singles such as “Runaway” featuring Melotika and “Fix Myself” in 2021, “3 Cheers (Bottle Boy)” with Polychuck and JBRD and “Anesthesia” featuring OnCue (whose writing credits include Eminem) in 2022. This year has seen three fresh singles “This The New Shit” “Blood On Your Hands” and “Die Tonight featuring PsydeShow”

This song marks the importance of the album and references what Krosst Out has been promoting regarding the album “End Of The World Music”. A statement made in the last verse by Krosst Out “It’s the end of the world, we dress up to the nines, suit and tie, just to die.”

“I Had A Dream I Didn’t Have Eyes” is a deconstruction of my thoughts on the world. I found my meaning through Phone Calls With Ghosts but this album is an expression of how life has no meaning, and coming to terms with that. I wanted to showcase these thoughts the best I could and it took on a sort of Kafkaesque motif” Krosst Out shares about his upcoming third project. “It’s dark and aggressive, while making no apologies.”

You can find the new song from Krosst Out and Melotika everywhere Oct 27/2023

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