Massachusetts artist blackbyrd has dropped off a new 2-pack, titled Lo-Fidelity. blackbyrd returns after his latest album “Shoegaze for Black Kids” with two new tracks that defy genre boundaries with their versatile style and songwriting. The boom bap inspired “Black Twitter Remix”, featuring Mick Jenkins, is juxtaposed with the alternative R&B of Vibin’, once again showcasing blackbyrd’s ability to master multiple genres at once. Lo-Fidelity demonstrates blackbyrd’s expansive versatility while also putting his sharp, focused songwriting and ear for engaging production on centre stage.

“Black Twitter Remix” finds blackbyrd and Mick Jenkins trading heartfelt, rich verses atop vibrant boom bap production. With a refreshing take on old school hip hop influences, “Black Twitter Remix” contains a potency that makes it extra infectious. Staying true to blackbyrd’s style while also incorporating a hearty dose of replay value, “Black Twitter Remix” with Jenkins finds them delivering a solid song that demonstrates natural chemistry between the two lyricists. Next, “Vibin’’ contains atmospheric flourishes of alternative R&B, indie, and shoegaze- with an indefinable sound that makes it intriguing and layered. Here, blackbyrd flexes his skills as a singer- showing that he can deliver both raw, powerful rap verses and sleek, smooth sung melodies within the same breath. It is with this ease that he remains versatile, and his songwriting shines through with much focus and poignancy on “Black Twitter Remix” and “Vibin’”, making Lo-Fidelity a memorable release from this Massachusetts standout and lyricist. 

Give a listen to Lo-Fidelity now, the immersive new project from Massachusetts artist blackbyrd featuring Mick Jenkins.

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