If you are interested in the vibrant Afropop music scene, Senegalese-French artist Bocar is an artist you should certainly get familiar with. His hypnotic, character-rich songwriting and expressive style sets him apart in today’s Afropop landscape, making him a new artist to watch. His latest song “FREE”, captures his poignant, focused sound with its layers of atmospheric, vivid synths, vital percussion, and rich bass-lines. As a vocalist, he comes through with mesmerizing lines that display a wide range, while also delivering sharply-crafted melodies in the chorus that linger in the listener’s mind long after the song is complete. An exciting, refreshing new Afropop artist, Bocar continues to build an engaging, infectious discography with each release. His latest “FREE” is another example of his ability to craft dynamic, versatile joints- as he bridges different sounds and styles together in a cohesive manner that gives “FREE” its own character. The layered, smooth Afropop track provides much replay value, while staying true to Bocar’s songwriting, and blending genuine emotion with catchy sonics.

Bocar’s latest track is a freeing experience, one that whisks away the listener into another world. Its vibrancy and energy is infectious, melodies difficult to ignore, and its presentation is sleek and smooth. There’s much reason to see why Bocar is a voice to be excited about in the Afropop scene, as he continues his inevitable rise within the music industry. Give it a listen below now.

Give his latest song “FREE”, featuring KRUMPYBLAZE, a listen now below.

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