Robert Leckington, a multifaceted artist rooted in New York City’s vibrant creative scene, embarks on a new chapter filled with optimism, artistic pursuits, and unwavering support for his fellow SAG-AFTRA members. With a recent signing to MJB Talent, a prestigious talent agency in Los Angeles, Robert anticipates a positive turn in his acting career.

As a dedicated SAG member, Robert stands firmly behind the ongoing strike, recognizing its importance in securing better conditions for actors in the industry. A recent experience receiving a residual check of a mere $0.07 served as a stark reminder of the strike’s significance. Unable to cover basic expenses, Robert used that check to put a drop of gas in his vehicle, symbolizing his commitment to the cause and solidarity with his fellow actors.

Originally from Oregon, Robert’s artistic journey began with music, where he honed his skills as a drummer and collaborated with various bands. However, his artistic compass eventually pointed him toward acting, a path where he has achieved success in both independent and larger-scale indie films.

Robert Leckington’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his ability to seamlessly transition between different artistic mediums showcase his immense talent and a thirst for creative exploration. From captivating audiences with his on-screen performances to crafting immersive narratives and freezing moments through his photography, Robert’s creative pursuits resonate on local and global stages.

Robert Leckington has chosen MJB Talent Agency as his representation and enlisted the services of GTK PR to fulfill all his public relations requirements.

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