Another round of applause for the girls!

Every couple of weeks, we’re delivering you the top music-related news coming out of TikTok, including trending hits, emerging artists, and updates from the go-to source for music discovery and promotion.

She is us and we are her. It feels like we’re growing up alongside Olivia Rodrigo as this newest trend hits our feeds. Creators are showing how much they’ve changed from SOUR to GUTS and what a difference two years makes. It’s been out barely a week, but over 90K videos have already been made using the Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl audio. Olivia, our relatable international pop icon.

Following Doja Cat’s iconic musical medley on the VMAs stage earlier this week, the catchy chorus and bass beat of Paint the Town Red continues to dominate For You feeds with over 1.4M posts to date, giving life to the dopest choreography on TikTok right now. Even crowd-fave Grandma Droniak offered her spin on the trend.

St. Louis-born rapper Sexxy Redd is championing the charts with her track SkeeYee debuting at number 1 on the TikTok Billboard Top 50 Chart, our new weekly chart sharing the most popular songs on TikTok in the US. With over 500K posts, it’s not losing momentum anytime soon—especially if Stephon Diggs keeps scoring touchdowns.

Class is back in session and creator jentry_tilby is our teacher. Jentry, who you can catch donning gas station sunglasses in your local In-N-Out, is showing us how to be the coolest person on your dorm floor with her original dance.

Emile Mosseri’s Jacob and the Stone is a beautiful ballad featured in A24’s “Minari” and has become a TikTok favorite for sharing emotional or inspirational stories.

TikTok creator Sabrinabahsoon aka Tube Girl has been blessing us underground as she takes the London Tube to werkkkkk.

No sibling rivalries here. TikTok creators are using a slowmo CapCut effect paired with Ava Max’s track Sweet But Psycho to show love to sisters, best friends, cousins, or generally anyone who makes their troubles melt away. Someone get Ava on the hook to post one with her brother Dennis.

Creators are using a snippet from Kali Uchi’s Your Teeth in My Neck to spill the tea on the topics they LOVE being asked about.

Flyana Boss is the dynamic, emerging female rap duo taking over with their energetic hit You Wish, taking to the streets with mesmerizing videos that’ll have you wanting to get your cardio in.

Eslabon Armado, are a fast-rising Mexican American group known for their global hit Ella Baila Sola, with over 5M videos on TikTok.

Indie pop band Silver Cup delivers wistful, upbeat tracks covering equally upbeat topics like rejection and intrusive thoughts. This brother and sister duo just dropped a mixtape poised to be the soundtrack to our sad girl autumn.

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