“Rock music will never die. We all know that.”

M. Shadows

The famous music genre known as rock has been around for many years. Since its emergence in the 1950s, rock and roll music has developed into one of the most influential and significant genres of our time, thanks to rock music bands like The Silvers, who have entertained the masses since the band’s formation in 2012.

Little Richard and Chuck Berry are considered the pioneers of rock music because they created this genre by mixing the elements of Jazz, Pop, Blues, and Country music with youth culture back in the 1950s. Their rock music also included the combination of rhythm and gospel, which further furnished the rock genre as an exciting and energetic style of music.

Even though rock music has come a long way and has evolved greatly since the 1950s, it wasn’t considered a distinct genre until the 1960s. The Beatles, in particular, played an important part in its development. Because of their innovative guitar playing and catchy melodies, they made rock music a famous and favorite genre of music across the globe. Thus, also providing a framework for famous rock bands of this generation, such as The Silvers.

As the genre of rock music became famous, it was divided into various subgenres. In recent times, rock music has become as diverse as ever, with thousands of subgenres catering to the needs and requirements of every listener. Over time, rock music has gone through various changes and has transformed significantly; however, elements that have remained constant are its driving rhythms, catchy melody, and raw emotions.

As we know, rock music has a deep history going back many years. However, this does not imply that it is no longer popular or relevant. It is still one of the most popular types of music that millions of listeners all over the world enjoy, and with rock bands like The Silvers in the music industry, its popularity has never been higher. Record sales have skyrocketed over the past few years, and it’s all because of rock bands like The Silvers.

The three-piece virtual band, The Silvers, has gained immense popularity over the past few years thanks to its current band members Mick Orton (bassist), Dain Bedford-Pugh (guitarist), Carl Upthegrove (drummer), and former band members Tom Kelley (guitarist), Glenn Stone (drummers), Ricky Zero (guitarist), Drew Youngs (guitarist), and Steve Farac (guitarist).

Since its inception in 2012, it has been known around the world for composing highly melodic rock and pop music with a Liverpudlian influence. Mick Orton, who is the founder of The Silvers, laid its foundation after the critically acclaimed band Silver Laughter, which he was a part of, split up. When he was a part of the Silver Laughter, he got the opportunity to travel and tour all across the world, particularly in cities in the United States of America and Canada. After enjoying a successful run by releasing two albums and three popular singles with Silver Laughter, Orton decided to form The Silvers.

Since then, the band has been operating out of the San Francisco Bay area and has launched around 10 albums and different EPs. The most famous works of The Silvers band to date are albums such as Summertime Sounds, OCEANS, RUSHMORE, Change of Seasons, Soul Surrender, PLAY, Another Summer EP, Back to Basics, End of Summer EP, Mosaic EP, and After the Laughter. Apart from these albums, the band has also composed and sung various singles such as “You Know You Had It Coming”, “Looking Back”, “Reaching Out”, “Christmas Rock”, “I’m Dancing… Again”, “All for Nothing”, “Gravity”, “Keep on Believing”, “Boogie Blue”, “Stay with Me (This is the Place)”, “Stand Up”, and “Out of This World”.

For their songs and albums, The Silvers band has been honored with numerous awards by Akademia Music Awards, which include the Best Rock Song Award, the Best Rock Album, and the Best Rock Music Video.

By using animated videos to present their composed songs, the band has managed to capture the attention of audiences of all ages. Their animated series called Silvers Surf City, in particular, became extremely popular for its unique and creative take on music and storytelling. In this animated series, the band is stuck on a deserted island with earthbound animals and sea creatures who can communicate with them and a pirate called Black Bart, who is the villain. Through their animated video, they promote the idea of how the power of music can help individuals in overcoming challenges life throws at them.

To sum it up, the changing times and cultural influences of each era have influenced the genre of rock music. Rock music has constantly evolved and adapted to the musical trends and shifting tastes of each generation since its emergence till now. While what the future holds for the genre of rock music remains to be seen, one thing is certain, with bands like The Silvers leading from the front, it will continue to inspire and motivate aspiring musicians and bands in the future as well.

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