Artist-first music financing service RoyFi has teamed up with earthprogram, a leading provider of strategic business development solutions for the music industry, to deliver career-propelling services to artists. Through this partnership, artists can apply to access funds via RoyFi directly through the new earthprogram website.

“We discover new artists every day and every artist who comes to us has the same problem–they need funding to grow,” explains Jason Jordan, Co-Founder of earthprogram. “We are thrilled to join forces with RoyFi to connect them with access to capital and power sustainable careers.”

Having started a hardcore punk label in high school that sold 50,000 physical units prior to their graduation, twin brothers and earthprogram co-founders Jason and Joel Jordan sealed their fate as music industry trailblazers from the start. Following a few years of work–Jason leading A&R for major labels and Joel developing youth culture branding as a designer–the brothers reunited to found earthprogram in 1995. In the years since, Joel also designed and founded Synchtank, a leading global platform for managing, marketing, and licensing music and media assets, rights, and royalties.

Acting as a quasi-record label and consulting business operating within the realms of music distribution, publishing & licensing and business development, earthprogram shares with RoyFi a commitment to teaching artists as they work with them. This alliance creates a consistent through line of support and career development from the beginning of consultancy with earthprogram through capital provision and financial literacy education with RoyFi. 

earthprogram has been instrumental in launching several artists’ careers, signing them early and walking along them in early-stage development and distribution. Mike Glaser, earthprogram’s lead business development partner and musician’s musician, leads the company’s day-to-day operations from its studio and office in Flatbush, Brooklyn–utilizing his A&R experience to take artists from creative expression to return on investment.

“The earthprogram approach to working with artists is in perfect alignment with RoyFi’s,” says Peter Harvey, CEO of RoyFi. “Just as we pull from our team’s decades of underwriting experience to set contract terms that result in quick recoupment, earthprogram has a proven track record of setting attainable goals and helping artists smash them.”

About RoyFi
RoyFi is solving the problem of access to money for artists, musicians, producers, and songwriters. RoyFi combines the most transparent, artist-friendly terms with the lowest rates in the industry, so that creatives can advance their careers while maintaining 100% ownership and control of their rights. RoyFi assumes all the financial risk and compensates its partners — distributors, labels, publishers, and other stakeholders in the royalty ecosystem — while empowering them to fast-forward cash to independent artists and rightsholders who need it the most. RoyFi’s flexible, customizable platform can be white-labeled or co-branded. The founders of RoyFi have over 45 years of combined experience in finance, the entertainment industry, and technology, and have 
underwritten nearly $100 million in artist advances. Email for more. 

About earthprogram
As the leading provider of strategic business development solutions for the music industry, earthprogram is proud to deliver innovative services that offer guidance to artists, labels, publishers, and music rights tech companies–equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the music business. Founded by brothers Jason and Joel Jordan in 1995, earthprogram cultivates an ecosystem of uniquely talented artists, musicians, writers, and producers and connects them with resources to produce high-quality content and the infrastructure to distribute it commercially.

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