Hello Trub nice meeting you today. I see you have a new record out called Real featuring Project Pat. How did that record come about? 

– What’s up definitely it’s a blessing Pat has always been cool to me and my family since we met back in 2012 and he was one of the first major features to work with me when I still developing as an artist and it couldn’t have been at a better moment to be at this point of my career and to have my lead single feature a legend like project pat. The way it happen was pretty simple I called pat and he asked me what was the song about and told me he was proud of all the work I been doing and told me to send him the record and he heard the hook and my verse and immediately started working on the song that night and sent his verse back the same day and I knew then this was a special record.

What project are you currently working on now? 

– I am currently finishing up my 22 song exclusive project entitled “4 courses” it’s my best work yet I’m super excited about it I’ve been working on it for about 2 years now really took my time with this project due to me wanting it to be a classic for me. 

How was your trip in Texas? 

– Texas was incredible I was actually in Austin Tx with my fam Project Pat and to Co-headline that show with Pat and for it to be sold out just showed me how Amazing Austin Tx really is. I actually love all of Texas I got mad love for the state. But I really love Austin it’s a music town they showed love to every record from the songs that they knew even to the songs that I haven’t released yet that they didn’t know their energy was electric and I can’t wait to go back.

What is your favorite part about recording in the studio as an artist? 

– my favorite part recording is the challenge of making a hit and watch a great record come to life. Imma perfectionist so I pay attention to how i say every word and what type of swag is with that word when I record it to the beat I chose. I care about how the song feels sonically because I want the record to be heard with great feeling. Music touches the soul and that matters to me what is heard from me.

If you could collab with any artist in the industry today, who would it be with and why? 

– I would collab with lil Wayne really cause Wayne is my idol. His lyrical ability his genius is unmatched. Working with Wayne I know i would learn so much. I know that Wayne would bring the best out of me as an artist because when you are working with a goat you want to show that you have what it takes to one day become one to.

Where can the fans tune in for your next big event?

– my next big event will be July 21st 2023 this year at the Howard theatre in Washington DC I’m co headlining with my fam Project Pat we are on like mini tour run so it’s awesome but this is a big event I’m super excited about this will be my first time headlining Washington DC so I know it will be an amazing experience.

How would you best describe a loyal team?

– a loyal team is everyone understanding the main goal their role and having strong faith in god and belief in you through the good times and the bad and most of all communication and Honesty not being a yes man and telling you what u want to hear. A real loyal team member will tell you what’s real and how they feel if you don’t like it but they know it’s for the best and they mean well cause they love ya.

What are your favorite type of beats? 

– my favorite type of beats are dark beats with strings and vocal samples maybe like a lady singing or it can be an Opera vocalist singing I just like the feeling of those type of beats and the vibe it gives especially if the drums got that bounce that makes u just love everything musically that’s happening in that moment.

What advice would you have given your younger self in today’s time?

– keep going and their will be some serious obstacles coming your way but stay a course make good decisions finically and manage your money right and make sure you keep god 1st through it all and do not let no one tell you won’t make it because you will.

Where will the fans be able to find your music? 

– fans can find me on my website www.Trubchef.com and on all my social media platforms just type in –




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