How did the motion challenge come about?

Honestly I came up with the hook on a Road Trip to Atlanta as I was listening to instrumentals.  Driving to Atlanta Reminded me of a time where as a starving artist things weren’t going so well; therefore I always had to count on other people to put things in motion and make things happen.  At that moment I realized how blessed I am to have my own motion and control of my destiny as I see it.  The beat had me speeding so fast I almost got a ticket… Luckily the cop wasn’t looking so I was good… but the idea came from that hook speaking on having motion and feeling good about the hard work I had put in up to this point.

How can artists join the challenge?

They Can Join the challenge by Clicking the Link in my bio or putting the word “motion” in my comments.  Someone from my team will make sure they send the  link to join the challenge.

What kind of artist are you looking for to join the motion challenge?

Hungry artists who are eager to speak on their life and their own motion.  We all have a story. I wanna hear that raw sauce however it comes!  pause

How long have you been planning the motion challenge?

Really about 2 months,  many people always ask me for features even though I haven’t rapped in about two years.  Somehow I always get asked about my feature price.  So I thought this would be a good way to knock out two birds with one stone so to speak.  This is a good way to give artists a platform and literally create some NEW MOTION!

Cassidy co-signed the motion challenge which is fire by the way, why do artists miss these great opportunities?

First off, Shout out to Cassidy . But to answer your question I think fear hurts artists the most.  Being scared to lose kills artists the most.  

You have to be fearless to win in life.  

What advice would you give these up-and-coming artists out here to create motion?

Learn how to do as much as you can yourself!  You have to wear so many hats as an artist just like a manager at McDonalds has to know how to make everything on the menu. Artists need to know everything about their operation as well.   BE CONSISTENT AND GET YOU SOME FUNDING ASAP!

What is your definition of motion?

Motion is just creating something that people want to be part of.  Motion is “Doing you to the fullest extent” until it works for you…. and even if it doesn’t you keep it moving.  Motion is also another word for clout if you think about it lol

Where can artists find you to stay updated with resources to help them in this music business?

Right now I would say Instagram is the best place @iamtaykelley to find my new moves.  Searching me on google works too “Tay Kelley

How long have you been studying the virtual side of business?

Longer than I can Remember,  It’s always something new so I just stay locked in

How are you looking to market the motion challenge?

You just have to stay tuned,  just know that this will be a learning experience for artists from a marketing standpoint. It will also help them grow in the process.  I really started this motion thing so people could learn and also get more motion.  I know everybody doesn’t have money for their music,  this is a free way to market their music to thousands of people.

Thank you so much for your time Tay Kelley and it was an honor to have you on our platform.

Thank you and no problem, anytime

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