Ghostwriting, the act of hiring a lyricist to assist with the composition of a song without giving them attributing credit, is an overlooked profession and an important contributing role in the mainstream music industry. The talented songwriters behind the radio-hits that billions of music enjoyers listen to every day are the genius minds that ultimately fuel the popularity of these renowned songs.

Carter Davis, known for his artist and rapper name NORD, was born in Oregon and is currently just eighteen-years-old. As a newly oriented college student who is currently studying the craft of audio engineering, Davis has made a rapid and major breakthrough into the music industry, being credited for the songwriting on projects released by the likes of Drake, 21 Savage, Ice Spice, Rebecca Black, Addison Rae, and many more.

In addition to his RIAA Gold and Platinum Certified songwriting efforts, the talented musician has released six original singles as a completely independent artist. His debut single, titled ‘INDUSTRY’, contains lyrical content that communicates the artist’s outlook on the ruthless ways that have been normalized in the modern music space. As of February of this year, NORD has a combined total of more than twenty-five million unique music streams across streaming platform giants, Spotify and Apple Music, and shows no sign of slowing his exploding momentum anytime soon.

Readers can stay updated with NORD’s future collaborations, original music, and lifestyle updates along the way by following his official Instagram page. Existing and new listeners can expect a fresh new single release from the talented Portland based musician, titled ‘WEST SIDE’, scheduled to release on all streaming platforms on March 17.

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