Jazz music is a form of expression that’s becoming more lost as time passes. The genre has never truly disappeared, but its relevance and time in the spotlight are more diminished now than ever. It’s a shame because there’s nothing quite like it, LeJone Ehran agrees. His project, “So Saxy,’ is a testament to this, combining many elements of the genre to produce a fantastic Jazz track.

Think of Jazz, and the first things that come to mind are the endless passages of detailed, layered instrumentals the genre is known for. Freeform and arranged Jazz excel at making the most of their musician’s talent on any instrument. The ways an artist can bend and breathe life into a performance are key to good Jazz, and that’s especially true on “So Saxy.”

If there were one word to describe the track, it’d be “smooth.” Every piece of this layered concoction comes together in a fascinating way, like a puzzle that slowly completes itself. It’s integral that the arrangement is nice and loose, allowing every instrument to breathe and play its part within the mix. Meticulous thought has gone into the layering here, and LeJone’s done an excellent job arranging it all.

As the title implies, the saxophone is a big component here, a key player in making the song work. It serves as the main driver for the lead melody, guiding every phase of the song to its next. Flanking the saxophone are all the other accompaniments you’d expect in a Jazz mix. You’ve got the standard bass, trumpet sections, electric guitars, and percussion, all playing their parts.

A few interestingly experimental ideas are also thrown into the mix, enhancing the project’s atmosphere. We’re huge fans of how the project opens with the sound of running water, filling up dead air and giving the tune a nice flow. It goes away as the song’s instrumentals begin ramping up.

The production here is on point, like any good Jazz song. Being able to separately take in every instrument playing while meshing everything together to form a cohesive whole is one of the strongest aspects of Jazz. “So Saxy” possesses this in spades, pulling no stops to impress in every way imaginable.

As you can probably tell, we praise “So Saxy” and LeJone Ehran. Pushing Jazz music in these modern ages takes immense passion and talent, and with this project, LeJone proves he has both in spades. We’re excited to see what’s next for the prospective artist, and we’re eager to see anything he has up his sleeves for the future.

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