Fleezy Jones is an American recording artist hailing from Chicago, Illinois. As a creative he not only creates music, but he also is a writer, poet and interviewer. Discovering the art of wordplay really inspired Fleezy Jones to write music. As a young man he was writing poetry which really assisted him into an easy transition of writing music. After discovering Biggie Smalls and Big Pun he stated “I realized that us “Big guys” had talent that deserved to be showcased. I haven’t looked back since”. It was around 1997-1998 that he officially decided to go all in on music. While on his musical journey he has been a part of 2 rap groups and is currently focused on his solo career.

He was able to open up for celebrity acts such as Twista, Jadakiss and many others while performing. His focus now however has been shifted to his solo career and growing hisbrand. Right now he has 2 singles out “Anyone can get it” – which shows my imagination and storytelling skills. My second single “Don’t Get Me Wrong “ is more wordplay based that shows my smooth yet rugged personality.” However right now he is focused on dropping single after single and showcasing his talents fully before releasing a debut album.

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