Don Gramur is a leading light among independent musicians who create high-quality work. Gramur had a successful year in 2022, with popular songs such as “Imma Pray,” “Higher,” and “Come Alive.” To celebrate his success as a rising recording artist and songwriter, he was recently featured on 24 Hip Hop and Hip Hop Since 1987.

Don Gramur intends to kick off 2023 with a bang. The new song from him is going to be titled “Natural High,” and it will be available for download in the next few days. When asked about the new song, Don Gramur responded that he didn’t want to give out too much information and that he hopes to shock his fans with his elevated skillset.

Don Gramur is an R&B and Hip Hop artist who has been writing music for over a decade. Around 2019, he embarked on a career in the music industry and began releasing music professionally. Gramur is well-known for his lyrical prowess, wordplay, and catchy melodies. Fans who were unfamiliar with Don Gramur have been excited to hear about his new projects.

Don Gramur has seen a significant increase in listeners on platforms such as Spotify since the end of 2022, with over 20,000 streams per month. After the release of his new breakout single, “Natural High”, Don Gramur is hoping to hit his first million or more in streams. The new song is unquestionably worthy of reaching these heights.

Don Gramur fans should follow him on streaming services such as Apple Music and Tidal. He can also be heard on Spotify, which is linked below.

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