Eric Surrat is a music connoisseur/audio engineer in Kansas City, Missouri. From humble beginnings to becoming Sleazy World Go’s exclusive audio engineer, Eric proves himself to be the master of his domain. From recording locals to world wide celebrity artists, Midrange Studios is the best studio for artists to record at in Kansas City, Missouri. Despite his success, Eric remains humble and keeps his circle small while creating even more opportunities for artists, his partners and most importantly himself. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Eric Surrat at an exclusive spot to ask him face to face about his endeavors. We interview him to get to know the man many call “Gold Fingers”.

Could you please tell us who you are , what you think of yourself and why you chose the audio engineer life?

Music is my passion. I choose to do this because i started in production making beats. As I started to advance in my career, they would ask me could i record them. It inspired me to get a microphone and to start recording folks for profit. I found out I was good at that and decided to pursue engineering as a full time career.

What does midrange stand for and why did you decide to name your company after that?

The Midrange name doesn’t have anything to do with a gun, being from the middle of the map or anything like that. Human ears detect sound at a Midrange frequency. When you hear music blast through the speakers its at 3,000Hz and 5,000HZ. This is the range where the majority of audio content is in. Music, movies and TV shows for example. My passion for the craft allowed me to have a name that reflects that.

When you first started Midrange did you ever think you’ll be an exclusive audio engineer for platinum artists like Sleazy World Go?

I always inspired to be in that position. Didn’t think it would become what it became. Wasn’t in the plan but it quickly became a plan. It was a great feeling when it happened. I finally felt like someone was looking out for me. For years I would look out for people but they always ended up going against the plan. I always was optimistic about my choices. I always treated people with respect and took the good with the bad. So no, I didn’t think I’d ever be in that position, but that’s what ended up happening.

Could you name some big name artists in the industry you recorded in your studio before?

From Kansas City Legends to world wide artists I could say I worked with: Young bleed, C-Bo, Beanie Sigel, Sleazy World Go, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Keyshia Cole, Mozzy, Lil Flip, MoneG, Rich The Factor, Messy Marv, Ampichino, Brain Kennedy, Cinelu, Lil Baby, G Herbo, The Popper, Fat Tone, J White the list goes on.

When Midrange started it was a record label filled with A&R’s, artist, managers etc pretty much a whole staffing team. As the years came and went, the circle gotten very small. Could you explain how you were able to endure failure, lose friendships, manage self doubt but still having the courage to keep going despite a tremendous downsize?

I kept my motive clean. There’s nothing wrong with failures. We go through rough patches to get to something beautiful. It takes a team to make things happen. I cant take 100% responsibility for failure. Those who were in it with me hold responsibility as well. I always treated people right and when the time came, people fell off so more real honest people can come take their place. I always knew it was gonna be alright I just had to hold on to faith.

What would be your advice to people who are looking to build a solid team?

Focus on how genius someone is. Dot your i’s and cross your T’s to people. Pay attention to the small things. It makes up the detail in the bigger picture.

Besides audio engineering what other passions do you have?

I like to cook. Lasagna rolls and rotel. I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like to travel and I love to meet new exciting people.

If there were an up and coming audio engineer looking for internship opportunities with Midrange what is your screening process like to see if they are worthy of being your apprentice?

If they are capable of listening. If you are unteachable I cannot do anything with you. If you let pride get in the way for a bigger purpose I cannot do anything for you. It’s the little things.

When you were coming up who was it you looked up too? What gave you inspiration to be who you are today?

My Bestfriend in high school was into church and playing piano. He bought a beat machine first one I bought as well. He kept encouraging me to make beats with him. Dan smith studio was the first studio i ever went too. My friends name was Gregory Thrist Rest In Peace. That’s who got me interested in music. Don Juan also inspired me. I sat in his house and watched E-40 and Yukmouth came in to his basement to record. This was before I even knew how to make a beat. I was witnessing greatness before I even knew what life would come to.

How important is it for folks to know being humble and staying consistent will always open the right doors? And could you say your an example of what happens when you stay true to self despite what life throws at you?

Definitely i consider myself blessed to have an attitude that’s acceptable to people that’s important. It determines between the rooms you can come in between rooms you can stay in. Welcome isn’t permanent but it can be!

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