J. Row is an artist focusing on creating music that sets the bar higher in terms of combining different styles and genres. The artist’s most recent studio work is “That’s Just It.”

Right off the bat, this release feels like a powerful onslaught of melodic hooks and vibrant rhythms while also providing a lot of textures and a truly wonderful take on creativity. This song shows how J. Row has grown adept at guiding his artistic craft in unexpected directions, allowing various influences to collide. “That’s Just It” is a very catchy and refreshingly back-to-basic piece of music. Yet, it also allows more room for experimentation, allowing J. Row to go the extra mile in developing his sonic formula. This release speaks to the allure of innovation and the appeal of the familiar, as “old and new” come together perfectly, making for a very relatable listening experience for a vast audience.

What makes J. Row special is how the artist continually sets the bar higher by bringing fresh air to his sound and redefining how these influences intersect. As a result, J. Row can create something quite special and one-of-a-kind. 

Find out more about J. Row, and do not miss out on “That’s Just It,” which will be released on the upcoming EP, “ROWVEMBER.”

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