Many homeowners believe that real estate agents will sell their house as soon as they decide to sell it and do anything to list their property. Though agents need a standard number of properties and commercial buildings to sell, they are always ready to list those properties.

There are several reasons why a realtor will turn down a listing offer. If you are a seller, you should know that a realtor is a buyer agent; they will do anything to keep the buyers on a good page with them. Some also work for the seller, but they will be skeptical about working with you if you do the things mentioned below.

  1. You don’t want your property on the Multi-List

If your property is listed on the multi-list, it will increase the chance of selling it as different agents will be involved. If you reject the offer of putting your property on the multi-list, the realtor will find it challenging to sell it, making them consider that they won’t gain back the money they will put into marketing your property. This will lead the realtor to not work with you.

  • Your property is overpriced

It is your right to establish the price for your property if you are the owner, but if the price is unreasonably high, your property has a low chance of getting potential buyers. A realtor will walk away if they see you have overpriced your property because listing the such weak property on the market can harm the realtor’s reputation. It will be best to discuss your property’s best prices with the realtor based on recent sales of comparable properties in your area.

  • You arenot offering enough commission

The realtor commission is always negotiable, which some property owners don’t realize; you have the right to keep it low. If you own this commission too low, listing your property might not be worth the realtor’s time.With the portion of the commission that goes into the listing brokerage, the realtor may end up with a minimalamount.

  • You failed to maintain your property

An unkempt yard, a broken-down wall, or trash and debris inside your property will make it difficult to sell and lead the agent to turn down the opportunity of selling your property. In most listing contracts, a clause requires the property owner to keep the property condition presentable.

  • Your property is not in the agent’s area of expertise

If the realtor you want specializes in selling malls or luxury homes properties, they probably do not list properties for a mobile home or duplex. A realtor who usually sells properties like yours is likelier to take your listing and do an excellent job of selling it quickly.

After all these basic mistakes you might as a property owner should avoid, stick to the process of finding a good realtor. You can consider many names, but the name that stands out among Canadian realtors is Sean Shahvari.

Sean Shahvari

Sean is an Iranian-originated realtor. For the past four years, he has moved to Canada and started to work as a realtor in the Sutton Group-Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage. To sum up, he has 24 years of real estate experience, and his method has satisfied most of his clients. e wants to streamline the process of buying and selling a home. Throughout his career, he has helped many people.

Sean has a vast network of connections, which allows him to get the most recent data on the market and available properties. He is a problem-solver with an exceptional understanding of the real estate industry, especially in the Greater Toronto area.

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