In previous decades, the surge in influencer demand is always high, thanks to digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The brands, be they high-end to the locals, now that in the 21st century, no one will go after the traditional marketing strategies. That is why they go for innovative ways that make their business survive in the market.

One such way is to hire influencers, more simply individuals with power and influence in digital media with a huge fan following. That is because they have massive followers because of their content, which will be purposeful for the brand’s reputation and marketing. Though hiring influencers is not that easy, there are several times when the number of followers they have can be inorganic or bots, which will hurt the credibility of your brand. Moreover, sometimes influencers have to be careful about the brand, as some of them are not doing what they have promised, making you lose the authentication of your social profile.

When hiring a social media marketing team, always go for past influencers or have worked closely with other influencers. That way, you won’t be scammed into losing your credibility or authentication, whether you are a brand or an influencer.

Mike Hammontree is the person who is a digital marketing agency expert with a background as a social media influencer. He knows what goes on behind the scenes of being an influencer and how should digital marketing agency should work. That is why he, through his personal experiences, build a talent management and digital marketing empire that will help your brand find the right influencer and make you more globally recognized as a brand.

The thoughts behind becoming an influencer and entrepreneur

Mike Hammontree is a Vine celebrity who began his career as a 15-year-old by making amusing Vine videos and gaining many followers. When Vine was taken down, he went to Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to keep the audience entertained with his amusing videos. Today, he is a world-renowned talent manager and self-made entrepreneur with significant industry ties.

He could work with the top creators on Vine and feature them in their videos, which helped him get even more recognition. Tanner Braungardt, Zeyad Zoromba, PashaTheBoss (Pasha Petkuns), Corey Scherer, Risk House, Alpha House, Brighton Sharbino, and Sawyer Sharbino are among his collaborators. His work is well-known in the social sphere, and as a result, people are interested in his agency due to his unrivaled outcomes.

He has also created digital ad campaigns for Amazon and brand campaigns for Boohoo, IPSY, FabFitFun, Sony Music, Capital Music Group, and other companies.

Trusting an agency with your brand’s whole marketing and advertising is a big decision since you give them control of most of your brand. In such cases, it is advisable to conduct extensive research on the firm, considering its track record. Slay Marketing has assisted individuals and businesses since its foundation, and you may entrust them with your new venture. Visit their website to learn more.

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