The Van Nuys community within the Los Angeles County is a city full of people with not just hopes & desires, but as well as determination and effort. Andrew Marroquin really was there for the city on the weekend of December 18th 2022. McMarro Family was able to bring a joyful Christmas to the city, like always.

Marroquin Family Restaurants (McMarro Family), the largest Mexican-American McDonald’s Franchisee, hosted a charity event called ‘818 McMagical Giveback’ to LA on December 18th.  The event was between 12-4 pm EST time and allowed visitors to come out, support, & enjoy live entertainment from artists such as MC Magic, DJ Cheatos, Mia Mei, and Loomis. While keeping guests excited through the opportunity to participate in such remarkable & prodigious giveaways. Tons of prizes were redeemed and given to the guests of the event; to name a few of the prizes such as free toys for the youth, haircuts, raffles, backpacks, etc. 

McMarro Family Restaurants presented such a grand event, that the Los Angeles community took note. McMarro Restaurants has a story, and it didn’t start with just pure victories, successful moments and achievements. There was great sacrifice involved in order for the ‘Marroquin family’ to be where it is at today. McMarro Family Restaurants will always consider their community as their family, which is why they’re always on their A-Game to give back to the people. 

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Andrew Marroquin was also able to share some words with us –
Thanks to everyone involved, we were able to give back a thousand new toys, over 20 bikes, a hundred free haircuts, 250 new backpacks, over 250 Happy Meals, & host a free show. We look forward to hosting another event in the near future.” – @mcdonaldswestcoast, Andrew Marroquin.

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