Over the past few years we’ve seen a plethora of artists emerging from South Florida, and taking the game by storm. THE THREE RD is along the same path of those successful acts. Coming out of Broward County he’s looking to make his mark in hip-hop. Right out the gate, you can see this artist comes across as more mature in the way he moves and how he carries himself. When you couple that with delivery, music, image and visuals, it’s only a matter of time before he reaches elite status. There’s a lot of competition in the rap game, especially coming out of Broward County, but Three manages to stand out with work ethics and consistency throughout his career thus far.

We’d like to highlight such by giving credit where it’s due. Recently, Three released a music video titled “Seven Stories” available to watch on YouTube. The video starts off with cinematic scenes with RD himself at a payphone, talking to what appears to be his own conscience saying “every single one of your regrets will kill you, if I don’t get to first”. Signaling that he’s his greatest enemy and showing that towards the beginning of the video. The next scene is RD in an elevator going up “seven stories” hence the concept of the track and video itself. At the conclusion of seven stories, you see multiple RD’s standing on each floor furthering the concept even more. This is what hip-hop is missing in this day and age from artists, which is creativity. The artist and videographer “Rolbysworld” did a great job at bringing their concepts to life. The track is also produced by “YUNGMEXIC$NBIH”.

Three himself gave us his insight behind the video saying “Seven stories is a time in my life that I felt like I was trapped in an endless cycle. The words on the hook were my reality. The knocking, and barking you here after the hook is exactly what I would deal with while trying to chase my dream and record music. We went back to that apartment in the video for a couple of scenes”. We hope to see a lot more for this duo in the future as the creativity and storytelling is on another level. Broward county has a hidden gem in The Three RD, he’s looking to put the rap game on notice!

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