There’s a lot of professions and industries in which people indulge in. Usually, there’s someone who’s good and can perform at a high level in a profession. However, it’s rare that you see an individual who’s good at multiple things. Particularly, Falsecris showing he can maintain multiple things and handle them well. Whether it’s music, or his clothing brand, or hosting jam packed events and house shows numerous times a month. He has the mind of a true entrepreneur, and south florida is the perfect place to have these skills to grow your brand.

Cris got started in music due to his close relationship with the late Miami Legend “OhTrapStar”. Since his passing, Cris motivated himself even further to push his songs gaining him a strong local fanbase. These are the ones we often see come to support his performances and stream his work online. High energy, good vibes and cathy beats are what makes Cris one of the forerunners of the Miami underground scene. Being one of the leaders of the pack, it translated to getting him featured on podcast interviews such as The Wet Slap, TRIPLESEVEN, FunnyYetSerious and more! They too recognize his potential as an artist.

FalseBranding is another area that Cris dominates with ease. His clothing brand has taken off which isn’t the easiest thing to do given fashion depends on the consumers taste. The clothing industry is so difficult for most, simply because “if the people don’t like it, they won’t buy it”. It’s a lot different than food or gas, or necessities people need on a day to day to survive. Sure, everyone wears clothes, but what will make people buy your brand opposed to purchasing from the mainstream outlets. Cris was able to master this, and it’s paying off for the brand.

ViceCityWorld only adds to what is already a stacked resume for Cris, he and Lil Ominous are the founders of the collective. ViceCityWorld is a brand, collective and following in south florida that hosts numerous events. Each time an event is held, artists from all over the country come out to perform as well as network and show support to other acts. Vendors are present, adding food, drinks, desserts, clothing, collectibles and other items. All of these things combined lead to fantastic high energy events. Artists such as Cris and Ominous themselves, James Roan, Yung Qil, Daddy Mack, Louiekillz, Groovy Trill, Mackavon, Chiko Bans, and so many others have come through and graced the stage. Cris is keeping Miami in the loop with so many artists showcasing their talents, clothing as well as his own music. Don’t be surprised if he’s on TV in mainstream media or his brand is in stores someday!

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