Starting as a solo project for Vaibhav Bhutan, a guitarist based in New Delhi, the project quickly grew into a full band setup when bassist Abhinav Chaudhary and drummer Anshul Lall joined the project. Experience the pinnacle of their musical creation through their latest single, What You Need It For, a compelling and richly rewarding piece of music by anyone’s standards.

If you need a label or genre to fit the music into, you will find yourself toying with terms such as post-, progressive-rock, or perhaps even world music. But whatever you call it, there is no denying its subtle and subtle qualities and emotional journey, at one moment exploring quiet interludes, at another exploding with vibrancy and energy.

It may be an instrumental tune, but the band can say more throughout its wordless odyssey than many lyrically driven bands utter in their careers.

“I am also moving towards a theatrical performance instead of the same old rock and roll show with a couple of guys playing on stage, Bhutani says. “I plan to implement projection mapping and an orchestra, so I will animate the whole album along with the songs once I am done recording them. The album is called In Waves because of how light and sound behave. As do human beings in a way.”

In prior years, ioish has played alongside bands like Tides From Nebula, I Am Waiting For You Last Summer, The Ocean Collective, Intervals and As I Lay Dying during their Indian tours.

“What You Need It For” features an all-star lineup alongside Bhutani and Moore, including bassist Nikhil Rufus Raj, guitarist Saksham Gupta, and drummer Shantanu Sudarshan.

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