Bronx artist Jah Billz has graced our pages with a fresh new release called “Love Anthem”, which impressed us immediately for its passionate, soulful sound and heartfelt lyricism. Billz, who grew up in a family of musicians, continues to rise in the underground with “Love Anthem”, and after this drop we are convinced he is here to stay.

“Love Anthem” contains vibrant, bright production centred around vivid samples, crisp, head-nodding percussion, and rich bass. The poignant and focus instrumental lays a solid groundwork for Billz’s catchy flows. He comes through with a strong vocal performance, as he weaves together potent rhyme schemes that draw the listener deeply into the song’s colorful sonics.

“Love Anthem” continues Billz’s streak of enticing singles, and has us excited for what may be coming next from him.

About Jah Billz: Jah Billz is a Hip-Hop and R&B artist from New York City, the boogie-down Bronx specifically. He’s a very versatile artist who’s come from a long family tree of music. His dad was a Dj, and his grandfather was a prominent reggae musician in Antigua. At the age of 14, Jah was a part of a rap group with his cousins but later left. Jah now has his own production company by the name of “All Black Elite.” Jah is one of those artists that’s always in the clubs getting a vibe check and creating networks with considerable people in the music game and creating a network of DJs. Jah doesn’t believe in just sitting around on social media; he believes in going to places where people are physically grooving to music to hear what others are listening to so that he can create the next hit. This song was inspired by the need for peace and clarity. Usually, we hear what a woman wants out of a relationship; this record speaks for the male perspective, which usually asks for the simple things in a relationship, like support, honesty, and peace. Also, mental health is not taken seriously in relationships, it asks for more love and lessons, and less toxic and arguments.

Take a listen to “Love Anthem” below and familiarize yourself with rising artist Jah Billz:

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