Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar “Music Box Moonlight Edition” ft. Reina Hondo November coming 2022 has set the bar high when it comes to creativity and sound in the music business today. Misty Blanco brings a different sound and taste with the genre of music called “Melodic Bop”. Meldoic Bop is the dramatic expression of music and art. It’s a place where all theatrical artist live. Misty Blanco has expressed in other interviews how everyone isn’t hiphop or rap, a lot of artists that can be considered to be in the genre of music she created called “Melodic Bop”.

Engineer Producer Jesus, Violinist Reina Hondo and Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar photo shot by Christina Jones

In her examples she has said she feels artist such as Ceelo Green, Missy Elliot, Andre 3000, and Kanye West are really Melodic Bop artist because of the way they express themselves and the type of music they do. She has expressed since hiphop or rap is the only genre given this is why they fall under hiphop. However she said “Melodic Bop”, is for the musical artist that has more musical genius to give than just hiphop boom bap rap or trap. This genre is for now and the future artist that are theatrical and need to be described right when their expressing their musical art. Misty Blanco has also said it should be a genre of music called “Porn Rap”, where a lot of female emcess actually fall into that category and not just hiphop or rap, especially when their topic is just sex. She expressed Melodic Bop Artist are theatrical artist who come with more than just regular tracks, topics and videos. Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar continues to set herself and the genre of music called “Melodic Bop”, a part as a unique sound of music and expression for theatrical artists. In todays music when it comes to the many female artist they only speak about sex, sex, sex and their videos have become the blueprint for just sex. There hasn’t been many female rap artist in a very long time to create good music without a whole album of sex and which baller prey on. Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar can actually hold a conversation in music without being ratchet at every bar and snap of the snare. Misty Blanco is setting the tone and she is not only showing she is a creative genius, however she has something to say and it’s more than who she just slept with or what baller she can come up on. Misty Blanco’s “Music Box Moonlight Edition”, featuring “Reina Hondo”. Misty Blanco gave us a sneak peek in September 27, 2022 on her Instagram as she only rocked over the strings to a violin played by “Reina Hondo”. We look forward to the November release of “Music Box”, the “Moonlight Edition”.


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