This stunning music artist was born in Romania. He started making music few years ago, and since then, he has been ardently making tunes at his home studio. His latest release is a song called “Money Music”. The song is available on Spotify, where he uploads most of his music.  Mateeas Cioaca mostly works on Lo-Fi based songs only. He is one of the fastest rising artist in Romania.

Mateeas grew up listening to music artists such as 50Cent and, among others. His passion for music grew tremendously; hence quitting music has never been an option for him; instead, it only grew stronger. Granted, his love for music still burns deep down his heart.

Just like any other normal human being, Mateeas Cioaca has his fears as well. It is common for many artists to get stage fright before performing to their audience. It has been challenging for Mateeas Cioaca to control his anxiety which starts to pick up when he gets the thought of going on stage to perform. He has, however, managed to overcome this. As soon as he is on stage, all the nerve goes away, left with gas alone.

A healthy percentage of artists in the fashion or music industry will have an icon or idol. Surprisingly, Mateeas Cioaca has no one he emulates nor draws inspiration from. He says he does not have a fashion icon. He dresses the way he likes. He motivates himself when it comes to what he wears, making him stand out from the crowd.

Mateeas Cioaca believes in living your dream and letting it be your reality. Mateeas encourages anyone intending to shine in the music industry to follow in his footsteps. He states being passionate about the music you create is mandatory. He goes further and says that consistency is vital. The quality of music you produce must be exceptional and of the best quality. Your fans must relate and connect with your music. He concludes an excellent piece, is one that moves the crowd. He also motivates the rising music artists to build a solid online presence to market their music and reach the target group. Additionally, it is always satisfying to give your fans what they want.

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