Pittsburgh artist Connie Roses has returned with a fresh new single called “Bells and Bugs”. Featuring a captivating performance from Royal Haunts, the song’s genre-bending, engaging sound flirts with alternative R&B, abstract hip-hop, and more. Containing vivid, character-rich production and memorable vocal performances, “Bells and Bugs” expands upon Roses’ sound and finds him sharing a natural chemistry with Royal Haunts.

Airy, layered synths and immersive keys give the production on “Bells and Bugs” a layered foundation, before a rich, grooving rhythm section sets a solid foundation for the two artists’ poignant vocals. Roses delivers a gripping, textural performance that contains catchy inflections that add in R&B influences, while Royal Haunts comes through with smooth, colorful vocals that contrast intriguingly with Roses’ segment. Building throughout engaging verses before dropping into a vibrant hook, “Bells and Bugs” is a song that is both experimental and catchy, providing much replay value while also pushing the boundaries. A track that absorbs the listener’s attention with its personality-filled sonics and songwriting, “Bells and Bugs” makes for an interesting addition to Roses growing discography, following the abrasive, intense sound of his previous release “The City”. Bold yet smooth, the song balances various energies sonically, making for a focused release.

The latest from Pittsburgh’s Connie Roses, “Bells and Bugs” is a sharply-crafted song that neatly blends influences from R&B, hip-hop, and more, into a colorful, character-rich offering. Stream “Bells and Bugs” below and get familiar with the East Coast artist.

Listen to “Bells and Bugs” now:

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