Brendan Francis once said, ‘If you truly want something in life, have the guts to put everything at stake to achieve it.Hussain Ladi Saka is a Nigerian British American who wanted to become a highly successful entrepreneur, and he showed that he was determined to get everything great for himself. However, to achieve that level of success, you must have an inspiring person to look up to; for Hussain, that was his grandma.

From his childhood, he saw his grandma doing the clothing business. She used to purchase children’s clothes from Downtown LA and then resell them in London and Nigeria. The first successful entrepreneur Hussain saw was his grandma, so he naturally was drawn to the clothing manufacturing business and wanted to do his own thing. So, when he grew up and went to college, he created his first ever brand that sold-out completely during his freshman year, which gave him the confidence to put in more effort and expand.

In the coming years, Hussain got more experienced and expanded his manufacturing clothing business. And to honor his grandma, he built a company in the same area in DTLA his grandma used to purchase clothes. Even though he was doing great in his business, he had the desire to do more. Many people say that one of the most significant traits of successful people is that they help others achieve success when they get successful, and Hussain was no different.

Moreover, he was passionate about brand development, a skill you achieve and grow in only if you genuinely are into it. He wanted to give people a platform where they could build their clothing brand from scratch. So, he created an online space where entrepreneurs with a clothing brand initiative could do everything from selecting the product and choosing the blank to customizing the logos and receiving the orders. Hussain wanted the process of building an apparel brand seamless for people with dreams.

He created a platform for manufacturers, retailers, influencers, athletes, and individuals to scale their brands online quickly. Hussain wanted his clients to succeed truly and their brands to reach maximum exposure and visibility. And for that, he utilized his 10 years of experience in sales curation, operations, and brand management to upscale brands on Shopify. Over the last 5 years, Hussain Ladi has been working in Tekton LA as a Chief Operating Officer of the company.

By now, he has helped more than 30+ Shopify brand stores such as Cosey by Cosey, Jorden Clarkson, and more in achieving traction, customer support, and enormous profits. Hussain is so good at what he does that even celebrities reach out to him for the branding of their merch. He helped build Lil Keed’s merch at the beginning of his career and made people go crazy. Hussain believes that in 2022, brands must have a solid online presence because the world has gone digital.

Due to Hussain’s hard work and determination, Tekton LA has earned a significant percentage of the market share over the last five years in the industry. However, that only motivated him to do more, and now his only goal is to help brands get a minimum of 6 figures, and even though it’s not easy, he makes it happen seamlessly. Hussain helps the brand get their first sale which activates them and makes them grow beyond bounds. If you want to scale your apparel brand, reach out to him, and get countless opportunities to achieve success like him.

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