From Mclarens, Lambos to 2 BMWs anything Crypto King holds of value is to be seized. It’s seems as he has stolen his investors money and it’s unlikely they will ever see it again. Those people believed they were investing in cryptocurrency, and Pleterski’s online presence—including photos of the 23-year-old on private jets and next to luxury cars—helped create the image that he knew what he was doing.

He looked the part so they bought in and trusted him with their money. It seems he bought articles and key-worded the crypto niche to make his brand more authentic in the field. It helped others trust him. He was spoken very highly of in the publications such as Forbes. This aided in his scheme. The question remains whether Pleterski actually invested any of the money in crypto to begin with, and speaks to just how strange the crypto market has been over the past year.

But some investors suspect Pleterski didn’t even bother investing the money, instead pocketing it for himself, according to people who spoke with the CBC. “I don’t know if he was ever really trading,” Diane Moore, a woman who invested $60,000 with Pleterski, told the CBC. “Or was this his plan and it was just the story to get me in along with other people?”

Investors are trying to get their money back through the bankruptcy court and two civil lawsuits, but criminal charges haven’t been pursued, even though some have reported their incidents to Toronto police, according to the CBC. This goes for all investors…crypto is risky but stick to DEXs and where you are sure you have control over your own funds.

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