“The only way to deal with a chained world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

In a recent debate that I had with a few friends regarding the status of our nation vis-à-vis the political situation, it was brought to the notice of my right wing (so called) sensibilities that the leftist liberals had proclaimed the independence as a farce in the late 1940’s (post independence), specifically after Mr. M.K. Gandhi’s assassination.

It made me think as to how our thoughts are ever so influenced by our surroundings, so much so that our basic foundation (thoughts with which we grew up) become diluted after a certain time. Coming back to the debate, I responded to my opponent that “To be free, one has to only make a decision to be free. Freedom is waiting for us to be taken, anytime we want it.” To which I was fondly designated a “Fascist”.

Well this was the beginning of Onam for me in Kerala – God’s own Country, a tagline given to Kerala by some marketing executive, made so popular that today an average Keralite feels that this tagline defines the existence of the state.

Onam for me is a time of slowing down to check my progress, as an individual & as an unit (family). Many a time we get set into a habit, good ones or bad ones, either ways habits make us lose the ability to think. This many a times increases our productivity, as I profess in my book “The Subtle Art of Not Thinking” but a lot of times these habits make us handicapped, not allowing us to think out of the box.

Hence, I re-evaluate myself during Onam, do a SWOT analysis on myself & move on to working on myself – strategically and personally too. It is important for us to remember that habits are dependable, they help us sustain ourselves whether we are inspired or not. But what is life if we don’t get inspired?

So, Onam for me is trying to reevaluate myself, physically, mentally & spiritually. I keep changing myself, many a times I’m called fickle, unstable – one of my friends even called me a flip flopper (this was regarding my choice to restart having a certain kind of food after abstaining from it for 3 years), but I like to tag myself as a mercurial person. See I’m not confabulating but merely changing stance based on my own thoughts & growth. This is something we all should try, till the time we keep getting positive results.

So, use the festival time properly, don’t just spend it unwisely, be wise & use time carefully because remember you may delay “it” but time will not.

About Dr. Sheetal Nair

Dr. Sheetal Nair is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, orator of repute & a Human Resource professional with more than a decade of experience in facilitating and training with organizations like Barclays, United Nations, Fives Group et al.

He holds a doctorate in Training and Development from North Central University, Arizona & is pursuing his second Doctorate from Parul University, Vadodara. He holds an MBA in Human Resources from Symbiosis International University & a Diploma in Corporate Law from IIM-Calcutta. He is a certified PFA counsellor from John Hopkins University, USA & has also learnt Comprehensive Teaching & Learning techniques from Harvard University. He is also a certified Lead Auditor of QMS certified by NBQP.

He is an orator of repute and a trainer certified by NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) & Dale Carnegie Associates, USA. He has been a Guest Faculty & has conducted workshops at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (Pune), SIES (Mumbai), Parul University (Vadodara), Navrachana University (Vadodara), Gujarat Forensic Science University (Gandhinagar), Rashtriya Raksha University (Ahmedabad), ISBM (Kolkata) etc.

He is the Corporate Head at DSS Group of Companies & is currently serving on the Board of Studies for School of Internal Security & Police Administration (Rashtriya Raksha University).

He also held the additional charge as the Vice President – Training of SSSDC (NSDC). He is a MC member of IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association & Chairman of the Indian Society for Training & Development Vadodara Chapter; also, he is a National Joint Secretary of CAPSI. He is a member of International Coach Federation & Quality Circle Forum of India.

He is a published author having to his credit three National Bestseller’s “The Midas Touch”, “The Monk’s Secret”, “The Subtle Art of Not Thinking”. His other works range from anthologies in fiction to non-fiction books. Crumpled Voices, Frozen Emotions, The Seasons, Wait Till I Tell You, Unchained Melodies, Memories & Mirages to list a few of his other works.

A winner of the Gujarat Icon – Award (2022) & the Badge Of Honor (2021) by the ADG Law & Order, Gujarat, he is also a contributing author to Economic Times, The Times of India Business World, People Matters, Outlook India etc.

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