Tim Carley, better known as Switchblade is an on the rise recording artist who has been making his music known. His music is lyrical, dynamic and holds weight. Here at Limitless Magazine we had the opportunity to interview Switchblade. Check it out.

Limitless Magazine: So Switchblade what inspired you to begin your musical journey?

Switchblade: What inspired me to make music was just the desire to make music that was at its core, a more true form of rapping, focusing on more traditional techniques while incorporating modern elements.

Limitless Magazine:  When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

Switchblade: For me, it isn’t about that. If there’s any legitimate chance of me in the future being able to grow successfully with music, to a point where I could do it as a full-time job, then I’d be okay with that. My goals with music however, don’t necessarily require me to be full-time.

Limitless Magazine: Nice, thats a great answer. How do you describe your sound/style? 

Switchblade: My sound/style is something that I’m still trying to discover. I feel as though I’m at a good point to where I have a solid base and process for doing things, but my distinct individuality has not yet been fully developed.

Limitless Magazine: What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety? 

Switchblade: Rapping for me is more of an escape from anxiety. It allows me to put my thoughts onto paper in a metaphorical sense, and simultaneously relieves stress. There are times when I get writers’ block, but usually I’ll just step away for a few days and come back with more ideas.

Limitless Magazine: What is your creative process when creating a new song? 

Switchblade: When creating a new song I usually pick/make a beat that I like, then I make up an idea for what the song’s gonna be about, if anything. After that, I will over the course of the week write down any ideas for sections of it, and then put them all together refining it.

Limitless Magazine: Tell us about your new releases. What song are you pushing right now?

Switchblade: Ain’t No Joke, by Poseidon (feat.) myself is the only song I currently have on Spotify and Apple Music, but I currently have two other songs on SoundCloud, in addition to Ain’t No Joke, entitled “Watcha Gonna Do?,” my first release, and “H O T   B O Y” feat. Poseidon, my second release.

Limitless Magazine: I had a chance to check those out. They are hits. What projects do you have in the near future?

Switchblade: Currently I’m working on a 5-6 track demo tape, called Gravy Train. Without going into too much detail, there will be a lot of personal content in it, having to do with my life and struggles.

Thank You for your time! It was a pleasure. If you have not already make sure you check out Switchblades music below.

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