Soleworld is a black owned brand owned by Derrick Starks AKA Sole Resell. The store is partnered with Simon Mall company. Soleworld has a total of 5+ official store locations with ambitions of continued expansion. Social media is key for the brand’s continued success. The growth of the store has come the store owners hustle and dedication. He has played a vital role in successful exposure for Soleworld. They are able to reach millions with content and naturally drive traffic to their stores with the platform. They also implement store activities and giveaways to keep their customers and community engaged with the brand. Being a business owner however comes with its pros and cons just like everything in the world.

When business gets rough or life in general Sole Resell trusts in God and his supporters to keep him motivated and inspired. As a business owner, pushing through tough periods is essential. Sole Resell advises all entrepreneurs, brands and business owners to utilize Tiktok to push their brand and to reach out to new people.

Sole Resell sees his business going worldwide and envisions all masses will be familiar with his brand in the near future. His own personal goal is to create and produce his own sneaker, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sole Resell is an inspiration to all hustlers. He started from only $50 and has since then obtained millions. A 22 year old millionaire with 5 + successful store locations across the country. His story has only begun. 




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