Mohamed Mahgoub is an Egyptian investor-entrepreneur who has revolutionized the Egyptian business landscape since 2006.

Having graduated from Middlesex University in 2006 with a BSc in Marketing and International Business, the Egyptian investor–entrepreneur puts his skills to work.

The investor–entrepreneur began his investment journey at EFG Hermes in the private equity division, where he oversaw the accumulation of over $1 billion in assets under management.

After his success at EFG Hermes, the investor–entrepreneur now focuses on keeping Egyptians healthy through Ibn Sina Pharma which he joined as an investor in 2010.

Previously Ibnsina Laborex Pharma, the company was a partnership between Egyptian investors and the French Eurapharma Group.

He is also Tanmiya Capital Ventures’ managing partner and Ibn Sina Pharma’s board member in his position as the Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

He also sits on the boards of several organizations, including Tamweel Investments Holding, NGOMisr El Kheir, Dar El Khebrah Consultancy, and Mediterranean Securities Brokerage. He is also the founder and Managing Director of Sky Supplies.

However, one of Mahgoub’s most significant achievements was after joining the pharmaceutical company. In 2015, he facilitated a $25 million investment by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ERDB) for a 20% stake.

Subsequently, the company released an initial public offer (IPO) worth $80 million two years later. Listed as ISPH, the company has seen an impressive performance on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX).

However, Mahgoub’s success draws from a long entrepreneurial tradition in his family. His family founded the largest snacking company Chipsy in 1979. They later sold the company to Pepsico in 2005 after two years of branding.

Mahgoub has a positive vision for the future. The investor-entrepreneur wants to replicate his past successes in more healthcare ventures, investing 120 million Egyptian pounds ($6,263,230) in acquiring Al Shorouk Hospital.

He believes that the growth in the healthcare sector and the increase in population offer growth opportunities. The investor–entrepreneur says his investment decisions are guided by research.
Similarly, the investor-entrepreneur is an ardent believer in teamwork to achieve his company’s objectives. The investor–entrepreneur believes that although individual efforts succeed faster, they are bound to limitations that kick in quickly after success.

“I believe with the right team someone can achieve anything in the world it may take some time but eventually it will happen. However, alone you can be faster but you’ll have limits in growth and will never build a sizable business,”Mahgoub says.

The Egyptian business leader also supports budding business talents. Mahgoub advises aspiring entrepreneurs to seek mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and learn from the best.

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