Here at Limitless Magazine we have had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Cameron Mordi-Semple. Cameron Mordi-Semple is an entrepreneur specializing in Crypto space. Take a look at what he had to say in his recent interview with us.

Limitless Magazine: As an entrepreneur what is your biggest struggle you have faced ?

Cameron: The biggest struggle I have faced would be getting over imposter syndrome and the anxiety that comes with it. I remember giving myself reasons to expect the worst-case scenario and I would start dealing with it before it ever came to fruition. The classic mistake of suffering twice. In your head, and the consequence in reality.

Limitless Magazine: What are your goals for this year ?

Cameron: My goals for the year include becoming more regimented in my day-to-day routine. Everything from praying to working out. I aim to allocate more time, energy, and resources to people and projects that excite me and push the boundaries of innovation and execution.

Limitless Magazine: What was your biggest accomplishment? 

Cameron: My biggest accomplishment would be building Legion Network and Bluemoon, alongside a formidable team that is integral in their practice and being able to flip the script and start providing for my family at a young age.

Limitless Magazine: Who inspires you and why ? 

Cameron: My Mum inspires me. Selfless is the closest word I could use in all honesty. She’s done an incredible job in bringing families and friends together and that is something I have always admired and intend to implement in my adult life.

Limitless Magazine: What is Legion Network ? 

Cameron: Legion Network is a blockchain ecosystem that combines some of the best services in the industry in one Super-App. Anyone can simply download the app, complete courses and earn crypto, play games and earn crypto, complete social media tasks and earn crypto, etc, all in a secure, easy-to-use, safe environment. The application includes many other features such as an in-built non-custodial crypto wallet to store your crypto and NFTs. It features an in-app NFT and crypto launchpad for early-stage projects to tap into our 4 million plus users.

Limitless Magazine: What are some of your fav crypto’s and why ? 

Cameron: Completely biased, however, my favorite crypto is LGX. This is our native token and its utility in and around the ecosystem will be formidable. This isn’t crypto; rather an NFT project, however, I am excited for Isekai Meta. I love the style, the approach, and the IP potential of this collection. Hopefully, we will see the collection on Bluemoon someday.

Amazing stuff! Thank you for joining us. We look forward to your impact within the crypto space.

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