Born and raised in SOUTH BRONX, NYC, out a gritty, dangerous, but yet popular neighborhood we stumble across an upcoming musician, writer, rap artist & entrepenuer by the Stage name: Muggshotbabby (Brian E Saunders Jr). After having a long sit down and a few phone conversations we clear the air about exactly ‘ WHO HE IS AND WHAT WE KNOW’ and for the most part he is definitely talented and OVER-looked staggering out the mud of that area in the Bronx; WE wonder why!

“I’m from a drill community now (LOL), yea i started doing music years before that genre popped but when you mention, “doing music” and actually pursuing YOUR music ” promoting, marketing, music videos etc. – I kind of got off on a late start due to no real resources and belief I want to say.” (GRACE – SIRG BEATS)

“After I decided to start funding my music and taking it more seriously, I linked up with a guy who kind of changed my life and my perception of how I can come into the music industry, if I work hard enough.

His name is William Bostick (@ITZWILLYB). With his mastery in beat production and audio engineering Bostick has had the honor to work with many old school hip-hop artists that paved the way for today’s generation – including myself.

Being and indie artist is hard work and major dedication. Muggshot has been able to knuckle down on the business side of things thanks to whatever pointers & advice Bostick suggested, he established his own LLC back in 2018 (Everything Kounts The Label). Together both of them were able to put together and release a beautiful body of work; “IT ALL MADE SENSE” entirely produced, mixed and mastered by William (Available on All DSP).


>It all made sense – William Bostick

>Playlist – Mannymanhattan Music

>Brazy Story – Svgar Beats

>Grace – Sirg Beats

” Lately I feel more focus, I want to put that focus on getting my name, story and brand more exposure. I also feel like its 10x harder yet more worth it coming from my area and being different, I been through the same strokes as folks I just produce my music a bit more heart felt”. Muggshotbabby explains his method to the madness and stated that his more outer city influences gave him that push to keep being different. Artists like Meek Mill, Kur, Mozzy, T.I, LUDACRIS, RICK ROSS, etc.

We expect more from this New York native, especially due to the fact that he is far away from home. Sometimes for indie artist it can be a rocky road ahead, but from the sounds of things Muggshotbabby says he has things covered and wants the world to notice one day.

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