Simon Lerner is an experienced stock trader who has shared his experience with people around the world as well as hosted many entrepreneurial events. He has made over seven figures through his trades and has started his own business—NetCon.

Simon’s entrepreneurial story began when he was 13 years old. He started to sell video game items online and realized that there was money to be made online.

His story took a slight detour in college when he decided to major in engineering. However, he realized that engineering was not his passion and promptly switched his major to Business.

But, Simon found his business classes to be lacking. For one, he learned much more from simply listening to business podcasts. Secondly, he found that his professor lacked business experience.

He had asked his business professor for advice on investing in the stock market and to his surprise, his professor had never invested in the stock market, nor had he ever started his own business.

So, Simon dropped out of college to pursue his education by other means. He spent his money on mentors, business events, seminars, books, courses, and more—over an 18-month period.

During that time, he applied his newfound knowledge to the stock market. Like any successful entrepreneur, Simon had his failures. He lost $15,000 to the stock market. However, he did not give up.

He finally found his edge and started making more money than he lost. He was soon making over seven figures in the stock market alone. So, he decided to launch his next business endeavor.

He started NetCon to teach others how to become financially independent. NetCon hosts speakers who talk about their business practices. NetCon also teaches others the ins and outs of the stock market.

Simon explains: “A lot of people get involved in ‘signals groups’ where people post alerts on what stocks they buy and sell, or they just want to copy other people’s trades. Whilst that may work for a short period of time, it’s a shortcut that will not guarantee future success and will in 99.9% of the cases lead to blown accounts and frustration.”

Plus, there is no real growth in financial literacy when it comes to signal groups. In Simon’s words: “After all, if the person giving you signals gets hit by a bus tomorrow and he is no longer there to tell you what stocks to buy and sell, you will be in the exact same position that you were in before joining the group—clueless, not knowing why someone was telling you to buy or sell something.”

In order to avoid this faulty approach, NetCon mentors its community to become financially intelligent and independent in regards to the stock market. As a result, users are equipped with the needed knowledge to make their own trades.

Simon goes on to say that “there are no shortcuts. Sometimes the hard work just needs doing, to get to a higher level and elevate.”

NetCon is not meant to be a “get rich quick side hustle” but an educational platform meant to teach others how to get rich through financial literacy and dedication.

All in all, Simon Lerner’s story and mission to help others achieve financial success is one to remember and shows the value of hard work despite the failures that may arise.

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