Zachary Bernard is a digital marketer and entrepreneur from Canada. Furthermore, he is the founder and CEO of We Feature You, a public relations firm serving real estate, recruiting, marketing, and other industries. With the right strategy, he empowers his company, other entrepreneurs, and major companies to reach millions of people.

Zachary has always had a gift for entrepreneurship, but similar to any successful person he has also faced challenges. His work has helped multimillion-dollar companies grow in all ways despite these challenges.


The Canadian native was born in Dieppe, New Brunswick, where he still lives today. As any other entrepreneur would, he started his first lemonade stand when he was just ten. From selling lemonade to automating processes and repetitive tasks inside companies, to helping clients become authorities in their fields through public relations and media features, he’s done it all.

Public Relations & Marketing

As a seasoned internet marketer with more than five years of experience, Zachary is your go-to guy for all your public relations needs. He helps his clients become recognized industry experts and leaders by developing the right media strategy. An important element of a business’s growth and success is its online positioning and reputation. Business transactions are based on trust, regardless of whether they are product sales or service purchases.

In terms of digital footprints and marketing, there are many aspects to consider. A marketer’s primary responsibility is to influence mindsets and behaviors in order to boost growth. In order to gain unimaginable publicity, Zachary combines all of these factors. He makes sure his clients get the media coverage they need, whether it’s through online media publications, podcasts, or TV segments.

People form their first impressions of your company or your content online the moment they see your content. Because of this, they make a major decision at first glance – do I want to work with this person? What can you do to influence that exact question your potential clients or customers ask themselves? By making it clear and simple that they’ll be working with someone who knows how to deliver results and help you achieve your dream.” Zachary says.


Zachary believes that anyone providing expertise nowadays should establish an online presence, showcase their expertise, and use public relations to gain visibility and recognition.




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