Trucking is a Billion dollar industry and there’s more than just being a driver.

How did you become a woman truck driver?  

I 1st pursued my CDL because I was enticed about how much money I could make! 

I was a single mom struggling working in public transportation. When oneday complaining about the low pay a coworker he use to drive trucks asked if I ever thought about driving trucks. I was told I could make a $100,000 then get off the truck in my first year lol but that was a lie! Lol

Do you ever feel unsafe her , intimidated, or afraid to ask for help because you are a woman ?

In the beginning I was terrified when I first gotten my CDL & went over the road there was a woman driver found dead she was murdered in her truck and of course everyone had an horror story to tell me but as time passed I’ve became less afraid fortunately I’ve never experienced anything too detrimental. As far as asking for help I never gotten a chance most men take the initiative to help I’ve actually gotten spoiled allowing men to help me so much to the point in hindsight I realized it hindered me. I enabled myself from learning on my own because of the chivalry.

How do you handle work-related stress? 

No matter what I take “Me time” I turn off my phone you have too the brokers & dispatchers will drive you insane they have no regard  for your 10hr break. During that time I try to read, meditate, watch a movie, talk to family and friends if I’m not exhausted exercise and when on my 34hr break I’ll even go get an hotel so I can enjoy the hot tub or just being off the truck sometimes I’ll even take myself to a restaurant to sit down and eat. Your mental health is everything being on the road I’m a really big advocate for mental awareness because our job is mentally stressful. 

How do you keep yourself motivated as you drive for long periods? 

MUSIC! Music is my go too I love jamming in my sit lol but after awhile I listen to podcasts informational topics to challenge my brain and just learn something new or even for good laughs. If not that talking on the phone passes time along with snacks and caffeine I try to be mindful of what I’m eating and drinking but it’s hard. The best thing I can say to keep going and driving long hours is SLEEP take naps if need be & get vitamins. 

Tell me about a time when you made a mistake and how you handled the situation.

Hmmmm I remember the very first time I drove my tractor under the trailer it skipped the 5th wheel lock because the trailer was so high. I heard a boom I was like omg there goes my job I thought I broke the truck lol but Thank God a fellow trucker saved the day and showed me how to get out of it and since then it’s happened a few times lol but now I just know what to do! 

How do you approach planning a route?

I just put in my destination in my google and truck map it shows different routes I pick the best one I try to stay on major highways so I will have access to truck stops I use two different gps because one helps me avoid low bridges and prohibited streets the other allows me to zoom in and see truck entrances and update detours. 

Do you think communication skills are an essential aspect of your role as a truck driver?

Of course communication is key to every aspect of life point blank period. As far as trucking most definitely we have to communicate ETAs, directions, pick up and drop offs and especially appointment times and pick up numbers if those aren’t accurate you can’t get loads and I can’t time you how many times drivers mix up time especially military or even dates lol communication is essential. 

How would you handle a situation where your delivery is late, and your customer is unhappy or angry with you? 

Call dispatch!

I don’t want conflict I let them deal with dispatch 

What is the best part about being a truck driver? 

The freedom, the independence and paid travel. Getting paid to drive and see the country, different cities, different vibes… traveling has allowed me to see there’s so much more good in the world than bad and especially see how friendly people really are. 

Do you have any Tips For Surviving the Relationship in a Trucking Career with Their Spouses?

Communication! FaceTime, Talking, being attentive to little things, sending sweet text messages, sexy pictures, phone sex, having movie nights wear you both watch a movie together, Flying to each other over the road meeting at hotels, riding along during off time, sending gifts, sending Uber eats , cash app for no reason, little thank you notes, giving excessive compliments and gratitude when your spouse comes home give them their space to wind down to regroup, make sure they have home cooked meals especially after eating out for weeks, meal prep, send them back out with meals, goodie baskets, washed clean clothes, catering to their every need , be extra attentive restrain from any type of arguments enjoy their company make them feel like heaven not when are they getting back on the road again lol it’s just like having a long distance relationship you have to go above and beyond 

How would you handle a situation where a client asks for a delivery favor, such as delivering a package along your route? 

If it’s legal and possible sure we can pick up multiple loads to capitalize and scale our numbers it depends if shipper has a seal and or is against it. I wouldn’t do anything to break relationships with brokers and shippers. 

Do you have any advice for inexperienced female drivers? 

Don’t team drive lol especially not with a man he’ll enable you get out there and do it yourself unless it’s your significant other. If you have children wait til they’re of age to be able to ride in truck just in case and have a support system my biggest hardship has been having no help with my children. Most companies force you to go over the road before being hired local if you find a local job just getting your CDL be grateful that’s a blessing. Don’t give up! Trucking can change your life! 

Would you advise other women to become truck drivers? YES Yes and yes! I’ll recommend anyone to get a CDL especially those who are struggling to gain financial freedom in their current career! Trucking is a Billion dollar industry and there’s more than just being a driver. Driving isn’t for everyone you can take on other roles or invest! Whatever you decide become apart of it it’s enough for everyone to succeed. 

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