Co-Creator “10X” widely know as @Inmybagdaily is establishing himself as the supreme “Young Founder” in Houston’s entrepreneurial market. Considering himself a well learned leader in todays new normal, the young founder himself has experienced a taste of success throughout the covid-19 crisis. In fact, what some have only received as a “pandemic” he creatively has referred to as a “Band-emic”, forging one of the largest wealth transfers in todays generation.

We got a chance to catch up with, the young founder and he had this to say. “I’ve always considered myself a well learned leader, harnessing millennial ideas into realized gains. With that said, it’s important to understand what I mean when I say “gains”. For instance, throughout what some have only known to be a pandemic full of loss, I’ve been favored enough to make six-figure earnings in a matter of months, and on that same note, lose six- figure earnings in minutes, just to regain that back, and more.
This particular portion of the journey matters, because “gains” based on my perception , can be credited as something outside of physical currency, and more so, related to the energy of plentifulness that surrounds you. Plentitude coupled with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding can allow anyone to do the unimaginable financially.

A theory can be insinuated that, money without mindset is unreal, embellished & fantasy. At the same time, I can defend the stance that an abundant mindset will build all things related to “mind, body, soul and finally, money goals. The process profits, and the outcome is currency, and that is an infinity process of growth. The moment we hurdle this, is the moment it’s just started. I’ve noticed that mis channeled energy on outcomes and in this case (money & riches) tends to muddy the actual recipe for riches. Having said that, we intend to manifest this ideology through our “50KPLAY program”. A fully interactive, engaging and hands on funding program. A framework to acquire 50K in funding in six months. This is what we call, in our world, a 50k play.

Remember, much of what we fed into our subconscious to believe about money isn’t reality. Our plan will make you regurgitate the aforementioned pre fed perspective from a limitless point of view, into one of profoundness. We will take on ten prospective members, and walk them through the 50K funding funding process and in the conclusion of this program, members will have acquired a1 credit score, alongside 50K in funding, and above all, a mindset made abundant.
Made in Love, 10XXX

Contact Below for program information:
Ig: @Inmybagdaily
S: N: (510) 927-0360
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